Written / Zhang ZihanThe annual Sports Feast – MLB All-Star Tournament has been in the rock origin Cleveland. Enclosed by MLB American Professional Baseball Great League, Kunyin Entertainment Idol Group Oneer member Muzi Ocean served as “2019mlb All-Star China Chief Experience” to the scene to experience a wonderful baseball activity.In addition to experiencing the MLB all-star competition, the woods are also singing at the same time in the past week. As the first Chinese artist in the MLB all-star stage, the Wooden Ocean has a 2019mlb all star to China’s voice. Although the final performance was forced to cancel due to the thunderstorm warning, the woods stated in the MLB Carnival area to send a wonderful performance for fans.”Midsummer Classic” Muzi Yang Play Rock Rock Township2019 MLB All-Star Activity is staged on July 5th to 9th, USA. It was created in 1933, MLB All-Star Tournament has gone through 86 years, MLB all-star Sausi’s grand all-star lineup, full of tactics and confrontation, and the funate home base is called ” Midsummer classics. In addition to the game, MLB also created a fans for baseball fans, rich baseball interactive experiences made fans over addiction.This year, MLB All-Star Events Cultureland is a city with rock spirit. From the city, many well-known artists have come out of many well-known artists, and the Rock Famous Hall is also sitting here. Rock is here to be here. Cleveland is not Part of the segmentation. In order to showcase the world’s fans, the team special and the alliance is designed to design a red-white blue guitar, and design the border with baseball suture.Anna, who was responsible for the design of the main distribution of this flag, said: “Before the design, we exchanged the Indian team, we want to understand what they want to show this all-star competition. Main logo. They told me that they want to show the charm https://www.fanstore2.com

of Cleveland as a rock hometown. “

In the end, this league marker “Herrise” is persuaded by the Indian Pennel, “they told me that the border and rock mixing is the real soul of the city!”

Due to the kindness of the music, this year’s all-star activities don’t have a heart, invite the beautiful musicians to adapt the classic tracks on the baseball court Take Me Out to the ball game, and the winners will perform in the MLB fans Carnival. .

Take Me Out To the Ball Game is a well-known song in the United States. Since the birth of 1903, there has been more than a hundred years old “elderly” since 1903, and it is still singing in the baseball field. The adaptation of the wood Yang is integrated with a strong singing style while retaining the classics.

Today, there is such a tradition in the mlb baseball event:https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the second half of the 7th game, the song will start this song, the whole fan will stand up and make a slightly stretching activities, and collectively follow the music chorus; numerous stars and artists It will come to the scene and fans interact, such as the American famous director, actor Bill Murray, Actors Wenz – Waln, saying the singer Ice Cube, before the NBA star Papeng has smoked this song at the scene.

China All-Star Chief Experienced Officials Pass Baseball

After coming to the MLB All-Star hosted the Cultureland, the Wooden Ocean visited the exhibition area of ??the fans, and he was deeply attracted by the baseball ocean before the TV screen. A World Contest Championship Trope also has a different baseball exhibition, and the woods are “circle powder” in the Baseball.

On the stage of this year’s MLB https://www.mlbboutique2.com All-Star Fans, the woods of Muzi brought the Chinese version of the audience to the Chinese version of the Chinese version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and also performing a new single I’m kwin. In addition, in the lively all-star week, as “2019 MLB All-Star Chief Experience”, Muzi Yangcheng has experienced all star activities and passes the fun and atmosphere of the scene to more netizens.

For this cooperation, the woods said: “I am young in many film and television works, I really want to be in the scene to feel the charm and passion of baseball movement, so I am very happy to be able to identify the identity of MLB All-Star China. Attend the event of this American Baseball All-Star Tournament, I also expect this stage performance. I hope to pass the stage performance in the performance, I hope to pass the brave and tough, don’t give up in the baseball competition. “

Xinjin men combined with the ONER member Muzi Yangyang in 2018, since the first album in combination, with an active performance of music, variety, fashion, and many other fields of performance. The Wooden Ocean is a fan of MLB brand, as a fashion icon, baseball coat and baseball cap, is an important element of his daily wear.

Therefore, MLB hopes to pass the woods, passing the MLB all-star fun and charm to the Chinese public, attracting more Chinese young people to pay attention to MLB, experience the unique charm of baseball.

Performance is affected by heavy rain, the wood is still sent to a wonderful performance.

As early as officially invited by MLB, the woods began to prepare early in the United States early. Whether it is from Take Me Out To The Ball Game, the arcade of the individual single “I?kwin”, the woods are not willing to be bound by the same style, and he is not limited to life, he is looking forward to bringing the audience to the audience in the United States. Performance.

On July 6, the rock vendor THE Killers will also show up at the stage, and the woods have arrived at the scene, from the preparation time, from the adaptation stage to the dancers, all the details are completed. Unfortunately, when the official preparation of the official preparation is urgently called, it can only evacuate the official notice with the staff first.

For safety reasons, MLB derived activities in the case of storm. Originally, the Woody Ocean, which is in the afternoon, is two hours, and the work of the peers is also striving to resume the performance as soon as possible. The woods that have been relieved can sit in the stage of the stage, but seeing the venue staff in the dismantling stage, he is also very helpless.

While thinking about the last flight, the last flight returned to the country, and thought about his responsibility: MLB live performance. In the last, the woods were forced to compromise, they only had to make a performance, because the venues have admission, so they have not been able to enter the scene during the carnival venue. There are some fans to watch the performance.

The performance of the transform site is also very successful, the Wooden Ocean shows vitality in limited space, and handsome dance will come from time to time. There are many small fans to take a group photo after the performance, the woods mentioned: “Very happy to bring performances for fans, in fact, regardless of the size of the venue, how much the audience, all the stage is worthy of respect and serious treated. Just thunderstorm rain The warning makes the performance forced to transfer the venue. “

Regretive feelings have been accompanied by the woods, all the way to leave the carnival, he is also looking for his own fans. “Unfortunately, fans outside the outside did not see the performance”, “said the unwillingness in the heart.

In addition to the most warm scenes, a fan of “kwin” refueling slogan has driven from 8:00 in the morning to Cleveland to see the performance, and the hearts of Muzi Toul are more in the heart of the fans. He The first sentence is: “The present in the afternoon is canceled.” “Nothing, you can see you.” The fans warmly reveal the warm smile.

The heavy rain in the United States changed the performance plan of the Wooden Ocean but did not cast his enthusiasm for the performance. Retrospecting the all-star engaged in the scene preparation to the scene, the wood ocean said: “This year is really regrettable. If there is still a chance next year, it is willing to come again. When it comes to the more burning stage song performance, also meet again. I hope to participate in the MLB All-Star Tournament with everyone. “

2020 MLB All-Star Tournament will be held in Los Angeles in the stars, whether the Wood Ocean will become MLB All-Star China’s Chief Experience Officer has not been known, but we all know that he is always preparing for this. Strive to have a sense of responsibility run through the world of Wooden Ocean, we look forward to seeing him better performance next year.