World Contest Conference Media 38 minutes 炸 坏 小子 马查多 耐 接 接

Boston local time on Monday, in front of the World Competition, Manni Matchae experienced the media for 38 minutes of frankness. The problem is one after another. How many feelings are somewhat uncomfortable, but his attitude towards a thing is very clear.

About him on the rough Slim of Pedroa, Boston, about the king of the National Union in Milwaukee, about him is called “dirty player” by the future of the country, MVP, Jerechi, as well as all kinds of old things The topic, Machacou is a one by one.

Dodge Team Tsun Machado This release will receive an interview to keep restraint

Dodge Team Tsun Machado This release will receive an interview to keep restraint

Maxo: I don’t want to make robots

On the style of the conference, Macha is unlocked like NFL Auckland Qi Team Ma Shaun, Lynch, so he is not fined. But this launch will make him some uncomfortable, impatient. The 26-year-old Dodge team took over the style of the conference was completely consistent with him on the court: do a good job of defending.

Different in the style of pouring oil on the previous fire, Machado keeps restraint to avoid external branches. The gesture he plays is enhancing a concept. This concept is not obvious for those who only pay attention to his hot scene, and for those who know him, it is obvious that Machado is not the kind of adaptation. People in the environment.

Machado keeps restraint is not a loan back. The bad guy is a feeling of being hatred. They enjoy the consequences of self-ending. They or to do a bad thing. They use the platform like the World Contest, especially like this year, the lively scene of the red socks, to implement their conspiracy, but not horsehamine like this.

MLB is not NBA, and various dramatic events are like fresh blood to provide strong jumping with the league. MLB is not NFL, even MLB Lynn Lynch does not want to speak such a thing, it can be converted into a marketing of marketing. Macha only said that he has said something to his past controversial event, but is interpreted as MLB and wants to create a similar effect similar to NBA and NFL. Given the MLB season’s playoffs slogan is “letting children perform”, how much is more funny.

“However, I did this. How can I?” Maxo said, “In the game, the player is very different. Not everyone can do it as soon as the robot. I know that MLB wants us to turn us. Robots, but we will always play with our own traits. “

In Boston, the story is dug deeper

These things will be returned to Macha. In his game, most are very great. Machado is a phenomenon. As a wilder, he is talented. Although there are various black history, this year’s break, as a free agent, he will still get more than $ 300 million. Regarding his black history, the recent argument is the 4th battle of the national contest, and the foot kicking wineman is necessary when the foot is on the foot of the style? Machado will be fined by the large alliance, but also hit the Spike of the wineman Jerege. Of course, there is also a questioning on his hard work. These are not isolated incidents.

In Boston, the story was dug a deeper: In April 2017, Machado rushed to the second base, lifted the left foot when he was close to the package, and his shoe joined the knee in Pedroa. rear. Soon, the reddock team pitted Matt – Barnes, thrown out of the fastball, the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comball was not like a quick ball, wiped from the ear hole of the horse. Macha is very unpleasant. A few weeks later, the red socks were thrown out of the fast ball of 98 times behind Macha, which made Machado screamed. At that time, the Macha, which was in red socks. NS.

In view of the history of the horse, the history and his festival with red socks, people are curious to get a clarified explanation from him. Machado has completed this. Among them, “I am here to win the World Contest.” He said 5 times. And that sentence “I am here to win the World Competition champion ring.”, Just a little change, and said it again. Another sentence “two teams are to win the world contest champion.” There is also a sentence “very excited into the World Contest.”, It turned out to answer the way Boston cold air response. Finally, he did not
worry about it. He came again: “Everyone’s dream is to break into the World Competition.” The last sentence is slightly sad.

Machado’s dream is indeed in the world contest, he is talented, and it is one of the best players in the world. If it is not a Dodge for 3 months ago, he will send a large number of potential players to change him. They are likely to stand on the stage of the World Competition today. All of this is the embodiment of the peak state of the horse, and his personal investment and his dreams are reflected. This will also explain that Macha is spending 38 minutes to answer a variety of questions, he knows that this day is not easy.

Red stocking owner remembers the horestation

The final arrangement of the Red Socks team interview is Pedroa, he is 35 years old. Because of the injury of the left knee last season, he only called 3 games this season. He doesn’t know when he can come back. He doesn’t even know, is he still coming out. “I know how my knees are hurt.” Pedroa said, “I know what happened. That is. We all know.”

Pedroa does not want to get yourself into the controversy. Like Macha, he hits the baseball from a small ball, they know that the baseball is a game that does not have to joke. Even if the resilience in April last year changed his career, Pedroa would not be injured in words, and would not revenge from the World Competition. When I talked about the splendor: “I will tell you this way. That is part of the game, buddy. I am playing two bases, my contract is signed like this, the other party will rush I. I can’t see them. Therefore, I can only use unfortunately, I am still trying to come out. But things have happened, buddy. “

Barnes told the media that he remembered that year, all the red socks were remembered, and they also treated this thing: “Find him (Macha). Our work is let him go out, win the world Contest. If you sent him to go, then live him unfortunate. You are stupid, I still hope that there are two people who have been on the game, don’t be stupid. Therefore, we are great. “

If the red stockings can make excellent players can’t play, they are really powerful. At least the red socks, Machado’s old teammate Steve Pierce, believes that Macha is so excellent, “he is the best. One of my favorite players. I don’t like to see today Such a situation. I don’t want to see the ball crash. “Boston’s fans will really go to him. The snoring will move. Just like Matso’s treatment in Milwaukee, just as they saw a villain, although Machado didn’t think he was.

“I tried to make a ball for my club.” Machado said, “No matter what kind of jersey, I will do my liver and brain. I am fighting. I am ready to go. I do everything possible to win. As a baseball hand, then It is the only thing we can control. “

Machado tried to answer Monday’s conference, which may be futile. If he finally reached a wish, his play will help him. After all, he is not coming to this. He is to win the world contest.