Witness 14 years of red socks captain: 36 years old Warriors

Written / Zhang Zihan

As the MLB 2019 season kicked off, the defending champion Boston’s red socks also opened the journey of the new season. In the face of the 100-year-old enemy, the red socks fans in Yangji Stadium are expected, and the red socks only knocked three times. 8 points, lost the game, also enabled the Red Socks to ranked the union part of the union.

Boston’s red socks were blown by Yangji Pitcher Parxon strongly, and the fans of the jersey wearing the Yangji Stadium, I always call a soul of red socks in the game, but as socks The captain’s Dastin Pedroa has been in a row for two consecutive seasons,https://www.mlbtrojerse.com and the fans’ expectations finally turned into bubbles, and the red socks totiped Cola did not send Pedroa playing. Witness 14 years of red socks, the captain of the socks, the head is low, and the red stockings have not been repaired by Yangji for a long time.

At the age of 36, the Great League was 14 seasons. The entire career dedicated to Dastins, Pedroa, which was a Christose, the entire career. The career has a total of 1803 security hits and 140-run homes, 724 points, it is difficult to believe this data is only 175cm of Pedroa. In defensive, Pedro is the critical core of the team, which is frequently reminded teammates to move the guard against all kinds of strong players. What is even more difficult is that Pedroa is still a three-crowns of the Sany, as a captain, and his contribution to the team is not just https://www.maillotspascherfr.com limited to the performance on the court, and it also reflects the spirit of the whole team.

In the past two seasons, Pedroa was troubled, the 2017 season was absent from 57 games, and after the injury was returned, he was unfortunate by Jinyu guerrilla Manni-Macho, and 2018 is only a whole season. I have 5 games. Before a few seasons, as long as the “small giant” nickname, the fans will not be owned by the independent Lenovo to the two bases of the Red Socks, but because of the decline in the year, the little giant is already a Houston Spaceman Audi’s synonym.

Pedroa This spring training is good, although the opening season is in the 10-day injury list, but the new season Pedroa has come back, it is already 3 crowned red socks captain already prepared to lead the socks Another champion initiated an impact.

The natural team leader gives up the scholarship only for the team victory

Pedroa graduated from California Woodland High School, high three – time hits up to 45%. As a high school team captain, he relied on the full scholarship to join Arizona State University. When he was a combination of gold two-game combination with the current San Diego priest team.

In the NCAA’s three seasons, Pedro Figueroa starting 184 games, averaging amazing strike rate of 3 to 84. And his selfless to help schools recruit athletes more powerful at the end of freshman year, directly to give a full scholarship last two years. The natural team leaders to sacrifice themselves for the team in exchange for a scholarship NCAA Division champion honors, he recalled many years later, when the University of years, just a touch of said something: I just did what I should do.

Although amazing strike capability, but the diminutive Pedro Roa professional scouts not to be optimistic, despite the strength of the first round, but each pellet still tend to look for high-large players, with the Red Sox last Huiyanshizhu the first two Pedro Figueroa won 65 overall, while the Red Sox choose 后佩德罗亚 also proved himself completely gems, he showed unusual maturity in the minor leagues, the young, to take up the Red Sox location minor league captain at all levels, in just two years rushed to the big league.

Amazing ability to adapt to less than three years to win the American League MVP

Pedro Figueroa in 2006 after August 22 then play on the big league first hits. Relying on excellent spot to play and stability, and the beginning of the 2007 season Pedro Oia firm position on the main second baseman. In addition to high-end https://www.fanartikelsportde.com performance remained hit this season, Pedro Figueroa was still defensive breakthrough, the entire season, only six turnovers, fielding a success rate of 90% 90.

2008 season, Pedro Figueroa put their firepower pushed to rise to another level, 3 to 26 to maintain a high hit rate also hit 17 home runs and 83 RBIs. Pedro Figueroa of 213 hits and 54 number of hits and ranks first among the league second baseman, ran back to the 118 points is the first American League, more valuable is rare Pedro Figueroa also shows the absolute speed between the base, 21 stolen bases 20 times, stolen base percentage 90% 52 likewise league. 6 turnovers to defend the stability of eating Pedro Roa appeared only once in 773 fielding chance. After the end of the season, Pedro Figueroa won the American League Gold Glove second baseman and American https://www.mlbboutique2.com League MVP award.

In fielding second baseman Pedro Roa impeccable

In fielding second baseman Pedro Roa impeccable

The next few seasons, the Red Sox Pedro Figueroa is the central figure, a series won the Gold Glove Award. With the old catcher Jason – Jason Varitek retired in 2011, took the captain Pedro Figueroa task. The next two seasons, but the Red Sox triumph in 2013 together, “Daddy,” Orr Tees win. Pedro Figueroa is considered to be the major media of the Red Sox win the secret of his tireless professional attitude and block the ball time and time again his life as a model of professional sports in Boston.

After the end of the season, Pedro Figueroa and the Red Sox reached 130 million US dollars in the eight-year contract, which means the Red Sox will captain his home in Boston. Just when everyone looking forward Pedro Figueroa will continue under the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com leadership of the impact of a Red Sox World Series championship, the pinnacle of the state of helplessness Pedro Figueroa suffered injuries hit, nearly five seasons he has not played in 162 games a year.

2016 season, Pedro Figueroa recover to regain full range of skill, was once kindled fans want, Boston local media is also used to describe the return of the king Pedro Figueroa return. But did not last long, the 2017 season, Pedro Figueroa suffered knee injuries throughout the 2018 season, almost lying on the disabled list.

After two surgeries returning regret cartilage transplant

2019 before the start of the season, many fans believe that Pedro Figueroa shirt hanging about to announce his retirement. Given the history of the veteran’s injury, a torn meniscus and cartilage wear has basically put his career on the draw https://www.mlbdrakterno.com period. But the Red Sox captain in the Red Sox spring training briefing reporters said they will struggle to the last minute for a career in Boston, his career is far from over.

First Pedro Figueroa repair a torn meniscus injury in 2016, he had an MRI during the All-Star Game in the 2014 season, has been selected conservative treatment, he chose to undergo surgery, followed by a season he It is a radical choice cartilage transplant intention of permanently repair a knee injury.

After the 2017 season, Pedro Figueroa at first to accept the cartilage transplant surgery, but back then was Manny – Machado sliding tackles injured again hanging fight card. 7 months after surgical removal of knee effusion accepted again, two operations were successful, but Pedro Figueroa left knee has become very fragile, even the Boston https://www.mlbtrikot4.com local sports reporters are unable to judge Pedro Figueroa might have impact of second base to survive.

Long recovery period even Pedro Figueroa himself heart doubts about the surgery itself, at the start of the season before the interview, Pedro Figueroa said: If you choose to have the opportunity once again that he had absolutely no choice cartilage transplant. Its cartilage transplant others, let conservative treatment so that the knees self-healing.

Coach trust plus Pedro Figueroa did not give up

The new season has just begun, Pedro Figueroa quickly joined the squad, although five games off the bench most of the season, Pedro Figueroa’s defense still rushed as usual, just batting and batting strength decreased significantly than in the past his gold second base position most of the time last season, also https://www.maillotsenligne.comreferred to the introduction of Nu Niezi and infield tool Holt who take turns guarding.

As early as before the start of the season, the Red Sox head coach Cora says: Pedro Figueroa series of serious injuries to be back in the stadium itself is a miracle, he can play 120 games this season is very perfect. If anyone can return from knee injuries and contribute to the team in the game, then it may be the only Red Sox captain Dustin – Pedro Figueroa.

Some media hold pessimistic views on the return of Pedro Figueroa, a player can not turn around in perfect after such a serious knee injury, but Pedro Figueroa was still trying to struggle and strive to return to the peak. Because of short stature, from high school to college and then to MLB, negative bearish been surrounded by Pedro Figueroa’s career, now 14 Season 3 crown he has https://www.b2bshopp.com become one of the iconic characters of Red Sox history, although has no need to prove great, Pedro Figueroa will continue to run on the field, trying to fight for the Red Sox next minute another minute.