Wilson signs the highest salary insider: 4 consecutive days negotiations

On April 16th, Beijing time, when most Americans are busy with the tax return deadline, Haiying must face Russear Wilson’s “last pass”, both parties must continue at 12 o’clock at midnight. The contract is aggregated. After the negotiation of the broker overtime, at 12:45 midnight, Wilson wished to got a four-year-old four-point guard for NFL salary. We are happy, and we also scared for the Haiying’s swing officer. Eat melon people finally can get down …

“Xiao Her” Wilson’s love in Seattle, his ability and sincerity is unquestionable, and the six seasons will bring the team into the playoffs, and win the next super bowl, each of the regular game MVP is competitive before the season. One of the candidates. Although his biggest disadvantages are a short, the offensive ability is limited, but from the offensive front line to the outside, I will help him achieve success. At the end of the 2018 season, it took a look at the contract, but the Hawks did not want to renew, so Wilson entered a long journey of negotiations.

It is reasonable that the Haiying team will not take care of Wilson, because in general, a strength four-point guard under 35 years old is about to enter the contract year, then the contract will be extended, Wilson should also be renewed. But in fact, because the Alliance is about to carry out new labor agreements, the Hawks are not intended to operate in Wilson’s contract, after all, the team’s current salary cap is not enough.

More complicated, the Haiying Board Paul-Allen Dream last year, the team is in an unstable, there is a very reliable source to sell the sea in the coming years in the future of the NFL boss. eagle.

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte reported that if the agreement did not reach yesterday, Wilson will not re-open the negotiation, then the 2019 season may become Wilson to wait in the last year of the Hawks, and the Hawks left his method only One year, the privilege label is posted again year. Once the image of the privileged label, the nicknous and Wilson’s image will be affected, which is unwilling to see.

In order to press the club, Wilson is interested in unintentional with the New York giant, and many reporters said that Wilson’s loved wife, Yala hopes that her husband can go to New York, after all, Seattle is not a “entertainment holy place”, and the giant is also urgent Find the successor of Elays Manning. In this way, Wilson applied to the team once again, and the news of the giant’s news came to the team. “Although it is not much more than a quadruple team, I believe that Xi Yala (Wilson wife) is very I hope to live in a warm beach side in the south. “Reporter Colin – Cobeard said.

With the desertification period, Wilson said that the latest on the 15th in early April, expired. Why did you choose this day, because this day is the first day of the Haiying team volunteer training camp. In the past 4 days, Haiying general manager John Schneider’s negotiation representative Matt-Thomas and Wilson broker Mark Rogers has been meeting, they all clear, whether it is good or bad, you must talk before 15 days. Result.

For Wilson, if the two sides have not talked, he will get a restricted freedom. In this career, there is no union threatened by injuries. If there is no guarantee, it is unimaginable. For the Habi Eagle, wait until the end of the 2019 final contract, you can use privileges in a row, but the price will soared to $ 54 million (third year), such words, Bobby Wagner and Frank-Clark renewal It is more unable to expand.

The 2018 season Haiying team 10 wins and 6 losses and the playoffs proved that a team with excellent quadrowers will remain competitors regardless of the key competitions. Can you imagine the Eagle of Wilson? Anyway, I can’t imagine, or the Hawk can not imagine, so I would rather talk about the last moment, or I will pick up the top contract to complete the contract.

On April 15th, although I haven’t gotten the contract, Wilson still appeared on time in the first day of the Haiying team voluntary training camp. The photo of the Haiying team official website proved this, in the photo, he and teammates Jay-Riddet station, the splendid smile on the Wilson’s face seems to be a little more concerned about the last negotiation date …

Today, the big stone hung in Seattle is finally falling, everyone can laugh.

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