Why is it always me? Black Panther Safety Sanitary Ware has a fine of unreslvescent

The security Wei Riji, the Kerrick Reed, is probably the NFL’s number one enemy. He is leading a wave of single knee in the national anthem in the national anthem ceremony, letting the world have seen their protest. However, their protests have deeply damaged the interests of the NFL alliance. In the end, Kelnik fell to the end of NFL playing. And the luck of Reid is good. He found a job in the Black Panther team, still squatting in the national anthem ceremony. Looking at Rid also continues to impair the image of the alliance, NFL seems to have many ideas. As a result, after the FREE joined the Black Leopard, NFL conducted 7 drug inspections in 11 weeks in 11 weeks. However, this is still not finished, today NFL once again made it difficult to Eric Reed, and the alliance took out his hug in last week, and it was illegal to a fine of $ 20,000.

For this matter, Eric Reed is desperate. He posted a video about this crocked video on his social media, claiming that this is definitely no born punishment. “Let’s take a look at this, first of all this is definitely a legal scholars (even if this is a foul suspicion, then the most is only slightly bound); second, the referee looks at the side line, but they don’t have any blow. Result, I bored a fine of $ 20054 because I have no foulis. “

In the video, we can see that at that time, the players who have been driven by another black panther player, and Rid is a flying opponent that has been out of bounds, although Reid’s Holding a holiday, but it is a matter of fact that this behavior is actually a foul with Unnecessary Roughness. However, the referee of law enforcement at the location of the incident, this shows that the referee believes that this is a hug that meets the NFL existing rules. However, the NFL alliance seized this opportunity, and the distinctiveness of the Ridders is a dangerous action to fine.

This season, NFL has made many punishments for Reid. In the game of Funcheng Eagle, Reed was fined $ 10,000 due to a violation of sports morality (for the old eagle near the Front Front); in addition, due to the hit in the competition of the straightezburgh Quarter-Rosrisberg, Reed was penalized 10,000 US dollars; in the game of Tampawan pirate, Rid was hit by unpacking players (Adam-Handfus), was attached to NFL A fine of $ 27,000. However, Riddles launched a fine of these fines. At present, NFL canceled his additional penalties for Zach-Erz ‘s foul, and the other two-line appeal was still waiting for results.

After signing the black panther in late September, Rid has accepted 7 random drug inspections. And this fine, let the Rid feel the maliciousness of the alliance, and he continuously refers to the outside world for his conspiracy. As early in May this year, Rid, as a free player, was launched by the players, and the team owner and NFL were all obstructed by the protest of the national anthem by protesting the national anthem. In addition, Reid’s lawyers and NFL players are also studying his encounter. Reed said that his team and the player will record everything that happened over the past few months. After the end of the season, he will do something to protect himself.

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