Who is mainly responsible for this trochant game?

Roberts’ bad dispatch

The 5th game of the National Association of China, Dodge has a leading 3-1 leading to the two home runs of Mangsi and Hernandes early in the competition.

The competition came to the upper half of the 7 game, and the first firman of Dodge was bracketing the work of his night, leaving 6.2 bureaus 117, seven times, Zhen Zhen lost 1 point. After handed over to the head of the squad, Roberts, Roberts, receiving cheers, and the 25-year-old future Dodge is once again left a good performance in the season.

At this time, the Dodge was only 7 out of the country’s championship in the fourth consecutive year.

Followed by Zuo Eaton, who represents the national advanced division. Roberts replaced the trunk from the steak of the warm-up after the 6 games, instead of the earliest to warm up.

After the game, Khako was easily changed by three balls, and the crisis was released. Dao is only 6 out of the game. No one thought that the Qiqi Stadium that was originally filled with the advanced level will usher in 180 degrees after a reversal of 180 degrees after about 15 minutes. “Ascending scheduling”.

2 goals, 2 hastiters, Lennden and Soco use two yang spring guns to equalize the score within 1 minute. At this time, Roberts rushed to take over to Jiantian Jiaotai on the cowshed. https://www.mlbtrikot4.com When the team was retreated by the star, the Dodge Stadium rang.

Of course, this is not the first time in recent years. Time is returned to the World Competition last season, and the Dodge’s cowshed Madenson once again rescued the trust of Roberts in the season, but the home fans fell in the fourth battle in the World Competition. They continue to replace Roberts to Madenson’s practice. From the results, the fans’ snows are right. Because Madenson sent a three-way gun to Morade, Morade, who sent a three-component gun, was caused to be reversed.

One year later, Roberts still did not choose the answer to the answer on the “cowshed”.

Going out steps to take a hand, Jianjian, Jian Jia, who takes a perfect three-vibrating half of the game in the order. In the middle of the 9 bureau, another cow shed Joe-Kelly came https://www.mlbtrojerse.com to the scene, spent 9 goals to complete the half-bureau. However, I came to 10 games, and the nightmare of the second battle in the 2017 World Competition was staged in the Dodge Course:

After Jocelli filed Eaton, his control started to be unstable. However, Roberts still did not change the investment but continued to make him face another strong stick. Sure enough, with the use of the ball to increase the ball of Kelly, it has been severned, and Lunnedon sent the ball to the left field, leaving a second base to let the national have a good opportunity to obtain 2, 3stro.

At this time, Roberts deliberately guaranteed to let the Terminator Jensen will play bleeding in the face of KFRK. However, all this is in vain. As the old KFR, the KFRK, sent the ball to the Chinese and foreign wild to become a full fire. The score https://www.mlbdrakterno.com of 7-3 was basically the death penalty in the case of only three out of the game.

Let their fingers in the playoffs in the play-up playoffs, and if they choose to start the top half of the 10 games, Roberts uses a cowshed in the extension of the context. The way it couldn’t help but remember that the best Terminator of the League of the League in 2016 was the best Terminator in the season, Bridton did not let Briton looked in the blue bird.

After the game, the Golden Lord Schwar has not allowed the Briting to play the battle in the high leverage. Roberts uses almost the same way after 3 years – let Jensen will be in the extended competition – buried this 106 win.

Roberts an anti-normal cow shed scheduling to the collapse of the fifth battle wrote a tone. When the mat was encountered on the crisis on 7, according https://www.maillotsenligne.com to the performance of the steak and the forefront of the first four battles, Qiang Jian was undoubtedly the best candidate: he left 3 times in front of the 4th game, 3.2 games 4 times A data that has not been lost. After the fourth battle of Hill was detached, it was also the premium of the Tianjian Jian Taoti to make the Dodge to the situation until the explosion of Ulias.

It may be the reason for the fifth war, or the reason for Ke Xiao is called Ke Xiao, and the national followed is the left-sighted Eaton appearance, let the gram of Zuoshi are not very thick. However, after resolving Eaton, Roberts should let Qiang Tian Jian Taotai directly cast the 8th situation to the national center.

After the first home running in Ke Xiao, Roberts or Can also change to Calarek, who left the cow shed Colake, who left the cow shed https://www.fanbutikk.com Cararek. Because of the four glasses of the four battles, Cola Reike came 3 times, 3 times were in the critical time to face Sodo alone, and 3 confrontation made the stroke of the three-vibration, there is another way to go out.

In the 8th game of the 5th game, the Colorke came again to face the Stroke. It is about another good choice. However, Roberts only won the game that Cordo, the sleeper, the flying ball is turned flat. The home run is helpless and knows to replace Ke Xiao.

Joe – Kelly left without any flaws in the ninth inning. But the 10th inning to continue to let Kelly Johnson on the pitch rather than directly, and appeared slow reaction unstable situation in Kelly learned that change cast, ruined the Dodgers last glimmer of hope. You know the last time Kelly cast more than one game of the match is already https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com a thing of August 26.

This is not the first time Roberts voted to change the timing of slow reaction of the situation. Back in 2017 World Series Game 7, the head of hair repair a Darby in the first inning on an unstable situation did not put Roberts replaced him directly, but wait until the second innings more lost 3 points Morrow played before letting take over, leaving the crater is five points behind of a Dodge antidote.

Since Roberts took over Dodge in 2016, four years, Roberts made the playoffs scheduled bullpen several times outside world puzzled. Including the 2017 World Series second war prematurely replaced Hill’s decision. Dodge’s management to make data analysis more dominant let Roberts in accordance with management’s analysis of the formations this is no secret, but last night really is due to the confusing employment Roberts made the decision, resulting in a tournament final leaving a result of the disaster.

After all, not every team has as 2014– 15 years that Royal Coach Yost matter how operations will not play bad bullpen lineup.

Playoffs, “Ke Xiao style”

2 goals 2 homers lead to hair is tied, let g Xiao “stained” in playoff history has added a sum, even if I think Rendon was beaten out of that ball really is not a Xiao grams problem. G Xiao bench seating area in October paralysis sit scenario has become tragic drama annual general meeting must be reserved. Of course, I believe last night, Dodger players will not have any more sad BAK Xiao.

Spring Training next year will be 32-year-old Xiao grams with age two years ball ball quality and varying degrees of decline. How to regain the initiative as Wieland Astros pitching the same can be another mechanism to extend their competitive age after 30 years of age, this is probably the Dodge management and gram Xiao need to address the problem together.

Strikeout or home run, giving birth in the playoffs offensive

Last season the Dodgers offense in the playoffs will be able to say with a difficult to describe. To 2019, the question remains the same: they swallow too much in the playoffs strikeouts and no way to play the hits in the case of someone scoring position. Dodge war in the entire series was in scoring position in the score is the number of 38 to play only five hits, hit rate was 0.131.

The National opponent is number 35 hit eight hits, batting average is 0.228. Swallowed whole series of odd track 64 strikeouts, which also extended their postseason last year: Last year, the National League Division Series 4 games Dodge swallowed 35 strikeouts; came to the National League Championship Series in seven games to swallow 82 strikeouts; and finally the world competition in five games against the Red Sox swallowed 56 strikeouts.

One of the National League MVP contender this season Beilin Jie this year, as always, continued his dismal performance in the playoffs against: 5 games left measurements 0.211 / 0.286 / 0.263 Another only a long fight. His career playoff measurements is OPS 0.178 / 0.234 / 0.326, and 0.560 in. It’s really not what you want to see in the playoffs.

Another core team is leaving Sigma Data 0.150 / 0.190 / 0.200 plus eight strikeouts negligible. As an important team in the offseason AJ- reinforcing Pollock? He swallowed number 13 hit 11 strikeouts and no hits.

Dodge can not play offense last season was criticized for a long time at a critical time, a year later the situation is still not much better.

Management’s wrong decision

Dodgers bullpen instability, the lack of a sufficient number of high level able to vote the number of high-leverage innings the bullpen pitcher has always been a long time. By the predecessor to the current management Andrew – Freeman did not invest too much in the bullpen. Absolutely nothing wrong in the sustainable development of the team and to control wages, do not spend price contract signed bullpen. But for many years there is a clear problem in the bullpen are not willing to deal on July 31 before the deadline to make the focus of the bullpen reinforcement, is another important reason is immune playoff dreams Dodge over the years.

In this season, Johnson Terminator extreme instability, in addition to chasing pirates Dodge Terminator Vazquez did not do more than reinforcing action. Even now hindsight perspective Vazquez had been arrested even if the deal came also help things, but in addition to this transaction Lake Cora left-handed specialist of minor repairs of the transaction, the management is really no longer Dodge contribute to the bullpen.

In the last year, the Dodgers bullpen for a long time overload and the urgent need to find help in the case of Johnson, Dodge can only be traded Madsen & Supplement No. 31 August. The entire offseason bullpen Dodge on the largest and the only action is to use a “non-Freeman-style” three-year 25 million contract signed overall performance is very unstable Joe Kelly, and how kind of effect, Kelly Game 5 performance will speak for themselves.

Andrew Freeman is no doubt one of the best league general manager / president, now his contract is about to expire. But look from the interview of Dodge’s CEO Karsten Freeman next year “will definitely return.” But the playoffs for seven consecutive years to no avail, perhaps this winter will be a higher-level bosses dominant part of the free agent signings of the operation.


In the second half of the ninth inning, rookie catcher Smith played a little shy goodbye home run in the opposite direction, reaching fly ball fly to the wall by the end of Eaton then kill. This hit a fly ball from the flight path is like to fly out of the stadium, but half Beilin Jie and sinking fly ball exactly the same under the 2017 World Series 9 innings of the second war, in order to be all over then kill. This probably is the Dodgers seven years playoffs true portrayal of another.

Hall of Fame coach at the turn of the century Cox 15 consecutive seasons (the middle of the 1994 strike cut the season) get to the playoffs, but only 1 win for Dodge fans can only be more patient and wait . After all, October baseball is really very different.