visual feast! Wingkins led, this season basketball talent overflow screen 10-level stars

Basketball as a competitive movement, the final loss to win is a point that the team and the head coach are most concerned, but for an ordinary fans, the exciting individuals who are exciting are often the focus of our attention.

The NBA Alliance also sees this law. In recent seasons, the NBA has attracted a large number of fans into the income, and there is a traffic in the game, and the commercial value of the league is further discovered.

Ten stars visible to the basketball of this season’s basketball:

10, Jalet Allen (23 years old)

Data this season: 14.6 points 11.2 rebound 1.7 assists

66.9% of the shooting rate, free throw rate is 60%

In January of this year, the “Harden to go to Harden” discussed in January this year, finally came to an end, in the four-party trading about the rocket, basket, the knight, and the walker, Haden is to join hands to Brooklyn Durant. And Owen, and the price of the Netbed is Allen, Lewer, Prince, three first round selection rights and 4 first rounds of sign.

As the first round of the first round of 2017, Allen came to the Cavaliers, with a height of 2.08 meters, 2.27 meters of arm exhibition, excellent poor and inside the inside, and quickly stabilized in the team. Last season, Allaun received 13.2 points 9.9 rebounds, repeated contributing the wonderful cover, and the bright eyes have been recognized by the Knight Management, and this summer got a team a five-year $ 100 million renewal contract.

The fans about the first impression of Allen is “superstar killer”, like James, letters, Gongji brother and other super stars have been covered by the former “cruel”, so that his cap is ridiculed to test the Star. At present, Allen’s core is the core of the team. It has become the most trusted side of the panel in the heart of the coach. The Cavaliers are only 101.7, and the colleagues are third.

9, Turner (25 years old)

This season data: 12.7 points 7.5 rebound 3 cover

53.1% of the hit rate, 3-point hit rate 42.2%

At the 2015 election conference, Turner was selected by the walker in the first round of the first round, 2.24-meter arm exhibition, soft external shooting, excellent supplement cover consciousness, Turner “Hardware Condition” meets the most perfect center template of the ball age. But in the six seasons of your career, Tchanefield received only 12.7 points 6.7 rebound 2.3 cover, in addition to the cap, the rest of the field is uniform.

Although there is excellent body talent, Turner’s rebound selection is extremely poor, this is the most deadly shortcoming of the internal defensive person; at the offensive end, it is not a superior ball merchant and mediocrity traverse speed, let him Teammates are difficult to complete simple and practical and unpackage, which is the main reason why he is not approved by the coach.

Confused pedestrians are currently intra-line small Sabinis, low singles, medium distance shooting, three-point projection, grab the basketball style outstanding, the current field is 17.9 points 11.1 rebound 3.1 Assistant, Turner is not valued by the team is due to It is not enough. Although Turner’s play does not have a team’s internal core, but his stable “hot pot” feast makes the fans don’t read it, he will probably reach the Cap King this season!

8, Bridges (23 years old)

This season data: 21.6 points 7.6 rebound 3.4 assists

33.1% of the 33.1% of the three-point hit rate

On the 2019 All-Star Dunk Competition, the second grade Xiu Bridge was invited to participate in the competition, 2.01 meter high, 2.06 meters of the arm exhibition, only ordinary in the NBA alliance of the player static talents, but it is in the vertical bouncing Over 105 cm, this made him repeatedly contributing to the mouth of the Hornets. In this dunk competition, the champion was abstracted by Thunder Xiu Diaro, sprinkled four seats across O’Neill.

Looking back to Bridges’s career, you can cut 13 minutes 5.6 rebounds in the 19-20 season, with an excellent inner impact force, let him cultivate as a reconstructed core member in the Hornets of the past year. This season, Bridge was officially stepped into the new show year. In order to the next high salary, the 23-year-old teenager began to attack the offensive. With the thick body and board repeatedly impact the inside, the current field is restricted by 10.4 points, bit The 16th place in the Expenditure.

With Bridges and Lamelo. Ball (average 19.8 points 8.1 rebound 7.7 assists), the wasp has gone from the title of the eastern fish, the team’s record is 11 wins and 8 losses, and the fifth in the eastern part of the east. The BRESFA is played on the phenomenon of phenomenon, so that he has the hope and hot teenage Henry (average 21.6 points 5.5 rebound 3.6 assists) to strive for the fastest progress player award.

7, Morant (22 years old)

This season data: 25.1 points 5.9 rebound 7 assists 1.6 steals

The hit rate is 49.7%, 36.8% of the three-point hit rate

As the best point in the new generation of physical fitness, the layup and dunk movement of the “five-flowers” on the Morant field made the fans in front of the eye, plus the sharp eyes of the offensive, and people couldn’t help but think of Allen. Eviver Sen.

Morant, Ephsen Physical Measurement Data Comparison:

Ephsen: Height 183cm, arm exhibition 196cm, weight 74kg, can run 340cm

Morant: Height 191cm, arm exhibition 201cm, weight 76kg, can run 352cm

Morant’s talent has shown in the university period. In the NCAA that emphasizes the team, it can take 24.6 points 5.5 rebound 10 assists, taking into account the score and organizational, and the physical fitness of the crack makes him a lot of dedication in the university competition. Wonderful dunk. But unfortunately, more than a few famous Zion. Williams, the light of the Moranite was masked, even if the Grizzlies were taken by the Grizzlies, they still attracted the side of the media.

This season, the Grizzlies began to focus on Morrant and Xiaolun. Jackson, Molant’s number of offensive ends was significantly increased, relying on excellent physical fitness and frequent impact, which allowed him to have a residential area up to 14.8 points, surpass one The inner players ranked first in the league.

Compared to moving gorgeous layup, Morrant prefer to explode the sluggish performance, and have already challenged Gobel, Lefu, Whitece, etc., once a success, you can name.

6, Edwards (20 years old)

This season data: 22.2 points 6.2 rebound 3.2 Assistance 1.4 steals

35.6% of the 35.6% of the three-point hit rate

As a 2020 session, Edward is known for its excellent physical fitness in the university period, the height of 1 meter 95, the arm of 2 meters, and the weight reaches 102 kg, so that he is in the same position to fight the body advantage. . Edwards University Over 32 games, the audience can cut the full data of 19.5 points 5.2 rebound 1.3 steals, but the beauty is only 40.2% of the shooting rate.

Although the offensive efficiency needs to be improved, the comprehensive technical and explosive body talent is enough to help him lock the champion, in the moment of Edward, who is selected by the forest wolf, he became the first assassination position in nearly 45 years. The first season of his career can get 19.3 points 4.7 rebound 2.9 assists in the final best rookie selection, Lamelo, which is more comprehensive, better than the performance, better record. you.

As soon as this season, the forest wolf gave this 20-year-old teenager’s power, and the average shot was 19.3 times, surpassing the Downs ranking team. At present, the trust of this Chao Lang is playing in the field, and the three-pointer projections have increased compared to the three-pointer projections at the end of the season.

Because of the growth of height (now about 2 meters), Edwards is almost unmanned by the inner line of 2nd, and each game relies on the active fight of the defensive end. It can stabilize a strong dunk, which has become Forest wolf fans pay attention to the focus of the month.

5, Anthony. Davis (28 years old)

This season data: 24.6 points 10.5 rebound 2.3 block

Fort-shot hit rate 52.2%, three-point hit rate 17.1%

As the most strongest big striker in the league, the talent of the brother can say that the naked eye can be seen, the height of the height, 2.27 meters of arm exhibitions, comparable to the warning technology of defender, soft medium and long distance shooting, excellent bumper and association awareness These professional basketball players dream of all the people gathered to a person. This is why he was recruited to the London Olympics during the college period.

In the summer of 2019, I want to pursue change, I have left the donkey, and I successfully won the first season of James. He got 27.7 points 9.7 rebound 3.5 assists in the season, the opposition advantage of the internal offensive end is the Lakers. One of the main reasons why it is famous. In order to leave this, the Lakers will use a five-year $ 1https://www.maillotbasket6.com90 million in renewed.

This summer, Wei Shao airborne Los Angeles, but the actual effect on the field is not expected, and the bad medium distance is projected. Frequent mistakes disrupted the overall offensive rhythm of the Lakers. The Lakers can achieve the current 9 wins and 9 losses, and the brother accounts for more than 70%.

4, Durant (33 years old)

This season data: 28.5 points 7.8 rebound 5.1 assists

55.8% in the shooting rate, 41.8% of the three-point hit rate

As the most efficient score of this season, Durant in 2019, Durant used the excellent shooting with excellent shooting, the mediterione, the sign of the sign, helping the Nets through the Ou Wen lack, Harden offensive Dow period. Really high of 2.2.10 meters, arm except 2.25 meters, mature holding ball offensive skills, plus the audience without dead end, standing in the top of the basketball talent list, you can only pray that his shooting iron.

Although Durant This season’s entry efficiency has a new high, in terms of exercise ability, his body function has decomposed, which rarely sees his ball breakthrough, the first step start speed threatening insufficient. But the advantage of the Durant’s high arm is too obvious, and the signature of the signature is enough to make the fans praise, so that the opponent is helpless.

3, letter brother (26 years old)

This season data: 26.9 points 11.9 rebound 6 assists

5% in the shooting rate, 27.6% of the three-point hit rate

As a defending champion last season, only the 26-year-old letter brother has set up the routine MVP, the finals FMVP, the championship, the three-level honor of the championship, these awards, in addition to the efforts and self-disciplines of the letters More important reason is that parents gave him a pair of NBA historical levels of physical fitness.

The height of 2.11 meters, the army of 2.24 meters, the weight of 110 kilograms, this is a standard center, but the letter brother has mobile speed, large step and exaggerated arm exaggerated, let him under When I attack or break through the inner line, it is like a tank of a plus horsepower, and its destructive is unspeakable with James in the peak.

For the talents of the letter brother, the Sun Team last season can be appreciated. In the sixth game of the finals, the letter brother will play 42 minutes, shoot 25 in the 25th, including the penalty 19 in 17, cut 50 points 14 The exaggeration data of the rebound 5 caps, helping the team successfully won the championship, but also destroyed the inner line defense of the Suns.

This season, the Bucks have been lacking in the main players, leading to the team’s opening, only 10 wins and 8 negative records, the seventh place in the east, but with the health return of the three giants, the Bucks returned to the eastern part The top four is only a time problem, and the letter brother will also attack the second crown to his career. It can be called the opponent in the east. At present, there is only a basket and heat.

2, Wights (26 years old)

This season data: 19.1 points 4.3 rebound 1.6 assists

Fort-shot hit rate 49.4%, three-point hit rate 36.4%

In the front, the Warriors gathered in the battle of the Woods Wolf, Weikins who played the ball in the Buddha used the two-year-old buckle to return to the fans in the fans (35 points in the audience), from the slider slow lens, Wingkins broke the old teammate Tang Sch, his knees did not bend during his jump. This naked eye visible talent is difficult to describe ordinary words.

This game is like opening the Ren Duo two vein, nearly seven games, and Weikins are 23.4 points, the hit rate is 66.7%, and the three-point hit rate is 40.5%. His efficient play has also become The key to winning the victory, and at the same time, the offensive end is greatly reduced to the pressure of the Curry, and the Weikins that does not “health” is only enough to step into the star ranks.

This season, Wingkins’s salary was $ 31.58 million. He will expire in the next season of $ 148 million in 2017, will expire after the next season, if high efficiency play can last until the end of the season, he has the opportunity Continued in advance with the Warriors, of course, the premise is that Boss Lako is not willing to pay enough luxury tax.

1, Curi (33 years old)

This season data: 28.4 points 5.9 rebound 6.6 Assistant 1.7 steals

Fort-shot hit rate 45.5%, three-point hit rate 41.1%

Unlike the nine physical talents in the top, the static talent of Curi is very general, and it can even be said to be the league bottom level: naked foot is 1.88 meters, the arm is only 1.91 meters, the arm is too short, he became the league ” The main reason.

Fortunately, the Dynasty Dynamic Talent is upstream, the vertical bomb jump over 90 cm, the 84 kg bed push can be completed ten times (Durant only 1), the speed of the transformation is also a leader, this let He survived in a fierce NBA alliance.

Measuring a player basketball talent is not only in static, dynamic talent, and the truth in the field is more reference value. At the beginning of this season, the alliance has changed the rules of the offensive movement in order to the competition, which made Harden, Tre. Yang and other “offensive masters” have been suffering, but there is no impact on the play in the library. It is mostly because of his own strong anti-interference ability, this is his homework that he became a super star.

Although this season is a little downturn in the fourth quarter, we have to consider, the defensive defense in the library is a bite, 2 to 3 pack clamps, but he is currently It is still in the top three rows of the league, which is enough to explain the unparalleled basketball talent.