Trading that may occur before the show: Patriot Tao Gonglong passenger giant is eyeing the red ticker

In the past two months, we saw Xiao Odel Beckham and Antonio – Brown through the trading, compared to Joe-Vlaco, Case – Karnam, Deten-Jackson, etc. People’s transactions seem to be small. The most lively season of the NFL free market has passed, but this does not mean that the next long break will not have some big transactions, even crazy transactions.

It is true that there are still few big fish in the free market, and the team wants to seam the replenishment and deepening the bench depth. If you want to make a focus, I am afraid there is only one trading. From now on, some teams still have large vulnerabilities, such as the patriots’ external lineup and near-end. Before the arrival of the draft conference on the April 25, let’s take stock of several transactions that NFL needs and may be completed, start with the patriot!

Dashong suddenly retired Braddy’s offensive weapon to be filled

Potential transaction:

1 Patriot takes three rounds (97 times) from Falcon walk away from Mhammad – Sanu

2 Patriots take a three-wheel sign (101 shift) from the packaging work to Jimmy-Glaham

If we can see what we can see from Bill Billarchi 19 seasons, it is to have a good attack weapon in his hand, even if it is a big hand, it is also in the hand. Starting from 2007, Langdie-Moss, Wisi Wilke, Di I-Blanche to Brandin-Cook, which is Billyck’s big hand.

Now, Julian-Edelman’s external bench is very thin, so Billyck chooses Mhammad, Sanu, who has a profound road strike capacity. First of all, the patriot has always been interested in Sanu. When Sanu became a free player, it was in March 2016. He visited New England before signing with the Falcon. With the emergence of Hilio Jones and Calvin-Leadley, Sanu is slowly reduced by Falcon’s status. Considering that Jones is about to get a record-in-one contract, the falcon is reluctant to keep Sanu in 6 million.

After Gorlon retired, the proximity of the patriots basically you have never heard of it. For patriots, the location of the near-end front is especially important, which is the reason why Bilchik is 100% in this position. Although the patriot is unable to choose the best near-end, they can trade, Pilcib also likes to trade close-end, 2017 Matruce – Bennet and 2017 Delve Well-Allen is the case. Perhaps Jimmy-Glaham has a high year, and the career has also begun to take a slope. However, he is still a chart in the people, and the magical employer of Billych does not know how many people have careful. . If you are bold, the patriot can even try to contact Kyle Rudolph, and the Wildener is currently tense, and the patriot has operation space.

For patriots, the beauty of these two deals is that only two compensation draft signs will be sent, and even more weapons like Bradi.

Squash and giant’s dilemma – Who will take over Reson

Potential transaction:

Giant uses the first round of the first round of 2019 to travel to Joshe-Rosen

After selling Xiao Audel Beckham, the general manager of the giant was detained by the fans, if he can find the team’s future potential quarterfield, perhaps to re-win some fans Respect. In this transaction, sell the first round sign for Beckham harvested. The Contract of Eli Manning expires after the 2019 season, the giant can let Little Manning cultivate Rosen a year, and give him the first 2020. At that time, Rosen’s rookie still still has two years, it is very cost-effective.

In addition, get Runson enables the Sixmark 6 of the giants to choose other players to make up for the vulnerability. Imagine if you are a fans, is it willing to see the giant to take Rosen with the 17th sign? Still use the No. 6 sign to select Dewin – Haskins or Keller Murray. Red squid, they are not sure when trading Rosen, but if there is a team is willing to quote the first roundabout, they will definitely nod.

Hill accepts alliances to investigate Mahums also needs a fast horse

Potential transaction:

The Emirates used five rounds from Tiger to John Rose

If the Tiger is really planning to sell Rose, then the Emirates may consider. Terrick Hill is accepting investigations because of suspected beating insects, and the future is still unclear. Rose can bring more guarantees to the team. Although Rose’s draft selection meeting is located in the 9th, it is not too cold with the five-way sign. Does the tiger accept? But in fact, Ross has revealed a certain talent over the past two seasons, but the data is then going. Ross is a player who broke the 40-yard sprint record in the 2017 new show. The arm of Mahms is strong than Andy Dalton, which means that the Emirates can make the speed of Rose.