Today, NBA analysis: the pedestrians back to the enemy’s forest wolf, the rocket sword finger three convulsions

First: Pedestrian vs Forest Wolf

The pedestrians are currently 9 wins and 13 losses, and the ranking is the third place. In fact, the recent state of the team can also, Zeng pulls a wave of 4 battles 3 wins, which is lost to the Lakers, and it is also to fight to the overtime. But in the face of the defending champion, it is still replaced by the original shape, the core Sabinis 8 is 1, only 4 points and 10 rebounds 5 assists, the center Dad is only 2 points, although Levier cut 23 points, Bo Gitden 16 points, Huoli, Du Alter, McConnell also scored a double, but the outside line was 45 times, only 12 goals only, the hit rate was only 26.7%. When the lineup is restored to the strongest situation, the walker’s ability to fight is weak.

The forest wolf is currently 10 wins and 10 wins, ranking the seventh place in the west. The team’s recent trend is quite good. Nearly 7 games won 6 wins, only lost to the wasp on the road. After double plus, the team beat Philadelphia 121 more than 120 thrilling, and the wolf played excellent. Russel cut 35 points 4 rebounds 8 assists, T48 points 10 rebounds Edwards 19 points 6 rebounds 7 assists, lead the team to invest 50% hit rate. More importantly, if only this routine time is calculated, the past seven games, the forest wolf is only 99.1 points, which is much lower than the level of the season 107. In the event of a stable efficiency, the progress of the defensive end is more enjoyable.

The pedestrians have just lost at home, and they have to rush to the road. Although they are not far from Minnesu, they have to be boated, and the forest wolves are high, and this is 5.5 points worthy of goodness. In addition, with their score efficiency, individuals think that 115 points are normal, and the pedestrians are not downturn, so 217.5 points should be difficult.

Ethiday: Thunder VS Rocket

Thunder currently 6 wins and 13 losses, ranking 12 in the west. After the game was 99 more than 101, he cherished the gods, and he had a wave of 5 links, but except for the Eagle 12, the difference between the other four fields was at a bit number. But after all, the strength is not good, especially the offensive end, only 99 points, and the piston of the eastern part is first. Although the style is tenacious, especially the two big reversal, defeating the lake people is impressive, but the team is seriously lacking the star, it is difficult to believe that this season will have a big improvement.

The rocket is currently 3 wins and 16 losses, ranking all union bottom. After experiencing a wave of 15 consecutive victories, the team suddenly broke out, nearing the strength is much higher than his bull and wasp, and the two consensus winning in the case of main Jarren Green injured. The reason, individuals think it is still a brochure. Because the head coach Selas has exploded the crisis of the get out of class before, he also added the main Time Wood, Gordon, and small Porter. On the 146th to 143, the buffer was defeated, although there was a fashion factor, but the top time of the three people reached 41, 37 and 42 minutes, and the total contributing 78 points 25 rebounds were 22 assists, and became the key to winning.

Thunder has lost 7 games in 8 games, the only win is the host 101 to 89 defeat the rocket. Dottha typing 34 points 8 rebounds, and he also got the highest 21 points from the whole team, and the head covered the core Alexander. However, the Rockets have recently been in fullness, and the feeling of the offensive end is completely opened. The home will give 1.5 points, and individuals think it can support. If you play the efficiency of the first two games, He Wei 215.5 is not broken?