This season MVP has been defeated by Eld: He has the opportunity to become the best in history.

As the season is close to the end, the discussion of each player award has also become more intense; the weight is the most important match MVP, which is the biggest award for a player season. Two candidates with the highest voice this year are the four-point guards of the New Orleans Saint Sagada, Bris and Kansas City Emirates; Although there is still four rounds of ends, Almost everyone is not a heart. As the 3rd regular match MVP winner, the front packaging team legendary quarter-point Weret-Ffer talked about this topic, he would prefer young people Holmes.

Fafer said in TMZ sports interview: “Yes, Bris is great, but if I make me vote now, I will give the ticket to Mahms. His performance is incredible!” Falfer said When you are, there is still some entanglement. After all, in the alliance of the new people, Bris is one of the few old guys. He is still very loved to Bris. At the same time, he also gave a high appreciation for another old four-guard this year.

As the “incredible” in Fafkou, Mahmos’s performance this year did make the world shocked. Although it is a second-year player, this season is his disposal; after 12 games, Mahms has passed the 3923 code ranking league second, only more than the large number of 22 yards; 118.1 passed Rating the same ranks second, second only to Drew Bris; and 41 times of passing to lead the whole league, more than 9 times higher than the second Andru-Lak, 9 times! The offensive group of the chiefti is relocated under his lead, from the team that has always relying on the pavement and short-swapping teams into the offensive of the sea and land and air.

Mahmus has an outbreak in the second season, and how similar to Femark’s career is started. Ffer’s rookie season only went two games, 4 passed the ball did not have successful success, and sent 2 copies, where his first passed the ball became a copy of a copy; and his The second season ushered in a career, 15 games from 3227 yards, 18 times, and embarked on the peak of life. Some little embarrassment, Ffer sent 13 copies in this season, and he is also “sending copy of the king” in the history of the league; the same, Mahmus has also sent 10 copies, still There are 5 times, and this more offensive model and Faller are simply the same. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Ffer is looking for him.

As for Mahms, there will be no more high development and greater achievements, Falf is not said. However, for the former coach Dick-Womier, Mahmus may become one of the greatest players in history, Ffa is not denied! However, at least it is certain that as long as Mahmos is kept healthy, the Emirates can at least maintain this blood-free offensive firepower within five years.

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