The young priest trying to bounce back Beijing at 10:10 on July 7 will stage a civil war in the NL West, San Diego Padres guest Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers dominant challenge partition, this is the third game the two sides battle four series. Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.Battle reviewPriest open season momentum is good, once occupied the top spot zoning, winning has been maintained at over half, but after entering in June began to slump, after the recent wave of five straight winning has fallen below five percent. In the two games before this series, the priests lost the first game, the second game just ended in 3-2 draws a city. Currently priest to 43 wins and 45 negative results ranked fourth in the NL West, but from the second Rocky’re just 2.5 wins.The Dodge this season under Beilin Jie and Liu Xianzhen, who led the performance is very stable, has lead to the expansion of the partition out of reach of 14.5 wins, the seventh consecutive year Western seems only a matter of time to dominate the League of Nations. Dodge is also the league’s first team to get 60-win team, 60 wins and 30 losses (66.7% winning percentage) record is currently the league’s best, a narrow lead in the first American League Yankees (57 wins and 29 losses , winning 66.3%).Game pointDodge home record this season in the ruling class of 37 wins and 10 losses, obviously this series is very difficult for priests. The priests’ $ 300 million Mr. “Machado in the second half of the 2018 season had briefly played Dodgers he faced former team’s performance is worth noting spectacle.First firingPadres starting pitcher: Chris – Pa DakeDodgers starting pitcher: Kenta MaedaChris sent a priest in this field – Pa Dake as a starting pitcher. The young 23-year-old right-hander this season landed the big leagues, there are dazzling play seven games before starting ERA of only 1.55 is amazing. But after the big league hitters gradually adapt to his pitching, Pa Dake’s recent performance has declined, and recently recorded two wins in seven games 3 defeat, ERA of 4.75 is less than ideal. There are already 14 starters scored 5 wins and 4 losses, ERA 3.05 is still very good. Pa Dake’s most recent starting seven days before the game against the Cardinals, he quickly stabilized after being knocked out in the first home run hit the seats, casting their final six innings no further loss of points, only 2 hits and 1 out of 8 walks Biao strikeout excellent performance, winning pitcher to win.The 31-year-old Dodge team returned dispatched Japanese right-hander Kenta Maeda against. Maeda stable performance this season, starting 16 times scored 7 wins https://www.trikotskaufenn.comand 4 losses, ERA 3.78 average of 3.80 is consistent with his career, pitching 88.0 innings can send 88 strikeouts. Maeda career in the face of the priest recorded 6-3 defeat of good results, it is quite the experience. Six days ago, Maeda eating six innings lost four points in the face Padres, irrespective of victory or defeat. On Maeda’s first start in front of the Rocky six days, without losing the first four innings, but lost two points after the fifth inning exit, the final 4.1 innings to vote irrespective of victory or defeat.Focus starPadres hope for the future, super rookie shortstop Fernando – small Ta Disi, with regard to maturity is an excellent place to start the season list Padres. The only 20-year-old future star to pay a broken three percent of batting, fielding the United States often contribute technology, good base running ability, performance is completely impeccable. 201 Number of season 52 games played there 26 long fight, including 12 home runs, and 13 stolen bases. He was injured in the back now, it is put the pioneer position, the last seven games have 3 to 33 batting average and slugging percentage of .633.