The sun is victorious and the Warrior Hard will have 17 consecutive victories! Curry Dow 21 4, Bak injury retreat Eedton worthwhile

The NBA regular season welcomes a focus battle. The Golden State Warriors of the Alliance challenge the second sun in the League. Before this, the Warriors got 7 consecutive victories, and the record was 18 wins and 2 losses. The sun would take 16 consecutive victories, record 17 wins 2 negative pursuits. The two sides handed over, a typical strong dialogue, and the first time in history, there were two games to achieve more than 7 consecutive victories, and the winning rate was more than 85% of the team. If the warriors win, they will continue 8 consecutive wins, and steadily hold the first position of the League, once the ball will be lost, the sun will chase the longest 17 winning record of the team’s history, and will also rely on the advantage of making it. Warriors pull down the throne of the league. After 4, after 4, the Sun Team finally defeated the Warriors at 104-96 in the event of Buk, and chased the team’s history 17 consecutive records, and the warriors rose the first place.

After the opening, the sun in Bak is leading the next one with 22-17. After the opening of the Curry, the whole hand is not good, but the teenager Jordanpur strive, and he led the team to play a wave 13-2 Implementation, the sun then tapped, the first section is behind 31-35. The Poolean Festival cut 16 points and became the most dazzling new star on the field.

The second-day competition, Bark led the team, opened 6 points, but unfortunately, he was in the next basket, and then he took out this game in advance. The sun lacked the number of the team’s number one scored, but under the leadership of Paul, they did not fall into the bottom of the wind. The festival has played a wave of 25-19 offensive, and the score will be more than 56 at the end of the half. -54!

Easy is again fighting again, the Kuri attack is still limited, the sun’s defense is very threatened, the offensive end is very patient in Paul’s series, constantly transferring the opportunity, Cameron Johnson picks 3 points, cloth Richis counterattacks the hand, then the Endian basket will make a penalty for fouling 1 penalty. The sun will pull the division to 70-61 until Vints is 2 + 1 to help the team break the deadlock. Then, Po will again strive again, and the two ends of the attack are eye-catching. The Warriors instantly chase 71-72 to stop the sun, after which the two sides are falling into the saw, the 3rd, the sun is leading 80-78.

At the end of the battle, the two sides almost once again played a fierce confrontation in the playoffs. Every time the Warriors want to start, Paul will respond with a stable CCB, and after the two sides enter the stalemate, the Warriors chase 91-92 Claude suddenly broke out, he first in the middle of the 3rd points, then he hit a 2 point for a long time, kicking the division to 97-91, the Culi offensive is still limited, then 3 points and shot iron, Paul Come a stable CIC, the Warriors were forced to suspend, but then their attack still didn’t get it, Curry continued to be strictly prevented from strictness, Paul helped Sashme Turmy 3 points in 54 seconds. Pull the division to 102-92, the game lost the suspense, and finally, the Sun team defeated the opponent at home.

In the whole game, Curry was severely prevented from the sun. 21 voted only 4, three points 14 in 3, free throw 1 in 1, only 12 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Po rarely cut 28 points 5 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals, Vilins 10 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, Potter 16 points 6 rebounds 3 assists.

The solar team is retired in advance in the first half, but the team is unaffected, showing their strong strength and lineup depth, Paul is still stable, cut 15 points 6 rebound 11 assists 5 steals, The four sections have been in the middle of the place to force, Entton starts cutting 24 points 11 rebounds 2 assists 2 caps, one person exploding the Warriors for the penalty area, becoming one of the key factors winning the sun to win, and see Enton performance, Perhaps the management has not been excused to give the Erton’s top salary. Claude contributed 14 minutes and 6 rebounds, Kameron Johnson cut 14 points 4 rebounds. Although Bridge is only 2 points, the positive negative value is as high as +21. It is in the defensive end to lock the reservoir, so that the sun will eventually hold this game.