The sun is piston 18 winning record! Paul two key attacks win Grant 34 points

On December 3, Beijing time, the NBA Regular Alliance The First Sun home of the Joint League wash, Bark was absent due to injury. In the first half of Paul, only one shot is still 18 points, and the third section of the Piston is in the middle of Chan Ning, once the 17-0 chase is only 1 point. The sun team offensive re-expands the advantage, Paul’s last moment is key to help the sun win, and the final sun 114-103 defeats the piston Hao 18 games, refresh the history of the history of the history, also lead the Warrior 0.5 winners continue to reach the Alliance First, the piston encounters 8 joints.

Data statistics

Sun: Bark injury, Paul 12 points 12 assists, Eaton 17 points 12 rebounds, Bridges 18 points, Shamet 14 points, Penz 19 points 6 rebounds, Johnson 19 points 6 rebounds, McGi 10 points .

Piston: Champion Chan Ningan 19 points 5 assists, Grant 34 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, Stewart 12 points 14 rebounds, Hayes 10 points 6 rebounds.

At this star

In the absence of Bax, Paul used two pairs of data with assists, and activated the sun’s seven people scored double. Refuse the piston to complete 18 points reversal, helping the sun to win 18 games to refresh the team’s longest Scent record.

Highlight lens

The first ball in the whole game in Can Ningan.

McGi violence buckle.

Paul helped Eedton air.

Paul welcomes the homogeneration of the champion.

The third section of the Piston once played a 17-0 offensive to catch only 1 point, of which Kun Ningan was outdated 10 points.

Game review

The sun lacks 4 players such as Bick, Salic, and the piston lacks Olique and Smith. Two points before the first quarter, two teams have not yet, the first ball of Canning Ann, Eaton Inner back basket and Paul, Grant, Triazi, Sammet, Hook Hand Maintain 7-7 flat. Paul took two goals in Canning, the two balls of Fukunan, Bridges, leaded, Grant leads a wave of 6-1 to catch up with 13-13 flat. Paul’s two penalty is in the middle of Johnson three, and the piston is chasing 3 points, and Penne and McGee have a 4-point advantage to expand 10 points. Joseph’s two punishments, McGi two penalty all-round and quasi-pressure whistle, the first competition, the sun 30-18 leading the piston.

The Second Festival, Johnson single-archer, Satik-Bei three points and two penalty five points, Petane has 4 points with McGikiki, the piston is free to chase 3 points. Eaton’s two punishments, Frank Jackson three-pointed, Etys leads a wave of 6-0 offensive, piston chasing 4 points, Shamete and Hayes tried three points. The sun is multi-point, a wave of 8-1 offensive, 55-37 lead, Hayes three-pointed, Johnson has a 4 point, Sturt and Hayesnes have 2 points, Grant’s continuous punishment of 4 goals. Johnson three points and Bricez vacant dunks, Grant three points, Entton’s internal land and Payne far three points, the first half of the sun 69-51 leading pistons. The first two pistons 2 people scored a double, Grant 17 points and Can Ningan 5 points 4 assists 3 fouls, the sun scored a double, Paul only got 6 points 5 assists and EION 13 + 9.

Easy, fighting again, Chan Ning An is the first to lay a basket, and Erton is not in the middle of the line, and the two sides then complete the twice. Grant two penalties and breakthroughs were distinguished, Brichis lay basket, Grant two punishments, Bridges three points to maintain 80-62 leading 18 points. Can Ningan’s three points and twice impact inline score, Stewart and Dialo also scored, Grant three-pointer, the piston 17-0 offensive is only 1 point. Petion breeded two free throws, Di Yuluo three points timeout, Shamete three points and McGi two free throws, Dialo was accidentally injured by teammates. Grant two penalty, McGi continued two free throws, the sun is 18-30 lost 12 points, and the three sections end the sun 87-81 leading pistons. The first three elections scored a double, Paul 8 points 8 assists, the piston 3 people scored two, Grant 29 points, Cunning 17 points 5 assists.

At the end of the opening, Paul helped attack, Pai Hanson’s hit three points, Garza two penalties, Paul rare continuous mistakes, Paul then remained 10 points. The double offensive of Galzane, and the two teams were thrown in the life. The Gran special penalty has been chased with Dialo three points, and Claude returns a three-point, Claude mistakes, and Grant counterattacks to catch 6 points. BRESTRO is in the middle of the place, Suttt on the basket, BRES continues to be in the middle, Sadik-Bei three points chasing 5 points, Paul’s shot, also assists SoraT and Johnson One of the three points, the sun expands 13 points. Stewart two offensive hits, Paul helped Eedton air, and the end of the suspension, and the final sun defeated the Moistilli Hao 18 games to refresh the new team history record.

Both parties

Sun: Paul, Shamet, Bridges, Claude, Eatton

Pistons: Hayes, Kun Ningan, Satik, Bee, Grant, Stewart