The sun 14 loses to win a record! Buck has multiple single 30+ points during this period, the only team is unique

On November 25th, Beijing time, Phoenix Sunfield 120-115 San Cliffland Knight, Heli 14 games. According to the statistics of the data website, the state since the season is hot this season, and Buck also created a data in this game, let’s take a look at:

of all, according to statistics, 14 consecutive victories is the third-year record of the history of the Yangshi’s history. The top two is the 17 consecutive victory created in January 2007, and 15 consecutive victories.

Secondly, Bak cuts 35 points and 4 rebounds tonight, 21 shots 14, three-pointers 3, and he is also the only player in the Sundess in this 14-game winning game. 30 points of players.

At present, the sun is temporarily resident in the western part with 15 wins and 3, and the first warrior in the western part is only 0.5 win. In the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.comfuture, the sun will challenge the Knicks and Nets on the scene, and then return to the home to fight the Warriors.

Therefore, if the sun can play the Nicks, Nets and Warriors in the sun, then they will chase the team’s histori-winning record.

It is worth mentioning that in the nearest winner, although the sun is somewhat smash in the game, Paul can always achieve eruptions in the crucial moment, in today’s game, Paul will play 32 minutes, 8 shots 4 in 4 12 assists, the last two minutes of the last day, he alone 6 points 1 assists, led the team to win the game.