The stadium is proud but the game is frustrated by Mahmus to play fortress.

On the NFL coupon, Patrick Mahmus has become an excellent four-point guard, and his pass can destroy all defense lines and make defensive players feel deep. Nowaday, Mahms also realized this unfortunately. Recently, this quarter-shot has played “Fortress Night” game on the computer. It is obvious that Mahumus is not too Multi-game talent, he was played in the north in “Night of Fortress”, and the worst, just like Mahmus defeated his opponent on the football court, in the game Zhongmamp Feel the taste of being defeated by “yourself”.

“Yesterday, I played” Fortress Night “, then those who wear my jersey in the game took me … I know what I thought in my heart …” I have experienced it once. After a bad game experience, Mahmus spit in his own social network. In fact, the most popular “big escape” mode in the “Fortress Night” model is really not very friendly for a newcomer player, sometimes you can’t even see where the enemy is, he has been knocked down. The experience of Mahms is definitely better than the general novice. After all, I saw people using my own jerseys in the game, and Mahms is definitely very proud, but the next second has been eliminated by it, she has to It is a complicated feeling.

So, who is in the game to defeat Mahms? After this quarter-assault release this Tucao tweet, players, fans instantly squeezed the comment area.

“I just won the” Fortress Night “, I chose a set of emirates Mahms on the jersey.

“I am using Mahms in the jersey every day. If I have done you, then I am sorry!”

Netizens sighed to this quarter-assisted hand, “It’s me to knock you”, people seem to be very happy to use “Mahkus” to dry the horsehums. More interesting is that Terryk Hill, as another star player of the Emirates and the best external connections, Hill also responded to the twice: “The murderer is me!”. And said to this Mahms and also said: “Oh, thank you for using my jersey, then can I use your jersey?”

It seems that the two major superstars of the Emirates want to have a good “introvert” in the game. In short, the real “murderer” is our unknown, but at least in the players of this game, Mahms’ fans are still quite huge.

Previously, NFL was formally collaborate with “Fortress Night” to introduce NFL jerseys skin, with game equipment with NFL elements. As one of the most popular games worldwide, “The Night of Fortress” has long been the most popular “big escape” game in North America, and NFL as the favorite sports alliance of North America, and the cooperation between the two parties completely detonated There are countless fans and players’ enthusiasm, people to buy NFL skin bags, dress their game characters into cool NFL players. Players operate Tom-Braddy, Alon Rogers, Patrick-Mahomus, etc. “players”, play hands in the game, and the picture is too beautiful.


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