The rays of the rays are protesting, the red stockings are the main coaches.

On Wednesday, Wednesday, Boston’s red socks have the adjustment of Tampawan’s rays, due to the adjustment of Tampa Bay’s ray, leading to the scene https://www.mlbtrikot4.comof the scene, which caused the visiting team of Boston’s red socks. The extreme dissatisfaction .

In the eighth game in the competition, Tampa Bay ran suddenly changed his own defensive staff, which made the referee chaotic. The game was once interrupted for 15 minutes to check the real identity of each location on the field. Clari was a non-polite evaluation after the meeting: “This is a mess.”

In the middle of the eighth game, the head coach Cadish trial twice changed their pitcher and arranged the original pitcher to the position of a base. At that time, the chief coach of the Red Sox came, and it would have a very interesting thing, and later, Cola’s prophecy became reality.

Corla with other coaches to check the ray list

Corla with other coaches to check the ray list

In the case of two pitks on the field, there is still a player who has been playing in the player’s position. In this regard, Cola believes that this is a violation of the radiance.

When the value of the referee Angel Hernandez is shown that the radio coach Cadish is not clear, the alternate candidate Pitcher Adam Kolark will come to the game. Hit the ball.

Hernandes said that when the main coach did not clearly hit the order, the referee has the right to arrange the player’s order, and the decision of the main referee will also be finalized.

For this series of confusion, Cola is very dissatisfied, he protested to the main referee to protest against the opponent, and also caused the competition interruption. After the first half of the eighth game, Kula once again protested with the main referee, which also led to a delay in the lower half.

In the end, the reddings lost the game with 2-3. For these confusion, the head coach Cadish said: “Perhaps there are many confused places in this process, but I am very confident that we have not yet mistaken in this process. But I need to admit that such things and Do not happen often. “

After the rays, Boston’s red socks fell back to the third place in the United States, and replaced them to become the second place in the Eastern District. It was the leader of the Carsh, Tampa Bay.