The ram or not with violent sufficiency will continue to "most hate players" in a rude defensive style.

A year ago, the Los Angeles race greeted a gamble, and a few heavy refers allowed the fans to be excited, and they also brought them into the stage of the super bowl. Now, when they decided to reach this gamble for a year, because the star defensive cut off Darm Kong-Su’s contract is about to expire; and this professional bowl level star player is not sure Can you continue to stay in the male.

“Let’s walk.” When the TMZ Sports reporter questioned whether to leave the raspie, Su will answer. At present, the free player market is only two weeks left. If the male team does not have the signing with Su, it will explain that the ram team is in Suntu entered the free player market, and the possibility of Su Li is in the team. Micropless.

At the end of the season, Su and the male team signed a 1 year of 14 million contracts. He and Alon Donald formed a combination of the strongest defensive cut off alliance, which is a nightmare of the opponent offensive. In the 16-game competition in the regular season, Su Concled 59 hugs and 4.5 times, but with his assistance, Donald was shining in this season, with 20.5 times and killing the entire alliance, Lianzhuang’s best defense Player. Therefore, the fans of the ravese still hope that Su can stay in the team and will allow the team’s defensive front line to continue such a state.

However, now this contract is about to expire, and the ravets do not have any signages or use privilege labels; and on the other hand, the team’s offensive left cut Andru-Whitworth announced He will return to the team in the 2019 season, the 37-year-old veteran selection of professional bowls, and his salary will exceed 10 million in next season. Plus Tod-Galley and Alon Donald’s huge contracts signed last seasons, the team has enough salary space to renew the consiscutive Eddam hole – Su is also a huge problem.

In fact, it can be seen from the race from the race to Su. It can be seen that the team does not have a long-term development of the team as a team. Obviously, they are going to fight with the team, and strive to strive for superbals. In fact, they are only one step away from the super bowl, and Su Su is in the super bowl and killed Braddy twice, which is excellent; this kind of gamble has been successful. The next team will take into account the long-term development problem, and the four-point Wei Jareide has also went to the fourth year of the rookie contract, and the team should also communicate early in the renewal issue and the prime quarter. Although the performance of Su Today is full of Donald, it is still slightly gap compared to his peak performance before 2014.

As a 2010 Lodtar Show, Endam Kong – Su Jingshao his talents in the rookie season, 66 times, 10 remembered, extremely horrible destructive power, let all opponents are cold. Such a performance naturally makes him select a professional bowl with a rookie, and is also elected as the best defensive new show. However, over time, people found that the inner line of the body’s quality burst is somewhat rude. After some dirty movements are enlarged, the “violent Su” has resounded through the union. For a time, “the most annoying player” survey, the name of Su is always in the best; after the 2014 season, the lion team did not leave him. However, the dolphine team is favored by this defensive cut off, a 6-year 114 billion contracts, and Su Sao also played the highest 72 times of personal career in the 2016 season, and selected a professional bowl. And the best lineup in the year. In the career, Su 5 times will be selected for professional bowls, and 3 times will be selected for one year, it is a veritable strong defensive cutout.

Therefore, Su Zhi seems to have to worry about whether he has become a free player, look at his car – a Rolls-Royce, worth $ 350,000, has 563 horsepower luxury cars. Even if Su Zhen has entered the free player market, with his skills, plus the current powerful defensive troops trend, he does not need to find someone else. Maybe it is not necessary to wait until the free market is open. If the race is not able to sign a contract with Su before March 12, the invitation call of other teams will follow.