The police issued a crime agreement with the patriot boss "娼 娼" or from the allegation

A “Patriot Board Buy Spring Case” has gradually reduced over time over time. However, there is a new progress in cases. It is reported that the Florida police have issued a plead agreement to the new England Patrioper Board Robert Kraf. If Krafte is signed in the agreement, the police will revoke him. Two allegations.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Palm Beach Prosecutor’s office confirmed that they provided a pleasant agreement on 25 cases including Krafte in Tuesday. The agreement is: acknowledging that they are guilty, do 100 hours of community services, completing a course on prostitution hazards, and paying $ 5,000 fines. However, Clav specially did not sign on this agreement. According to his spokesperson, Mike Edmonton said that when Clavite accepted the agreement, he admitted his crime. fact. The initial appeal of Krafte is not to recognize the sin, that is, denied that he has “any criminal act”.

The cause of things was on February 25th, and the Florida police found that Krafte was on January 19, 20 days, and paid the illegal “special service”. They then proposed two levels of minor allegations to Kravte, but Clavite denied all control sins in the first time, and this case was shameful, and huge repercussions in society.

So the problem is coming, why carav specially disappointing? ESPN reporter Michel Steil put forward a convincing reason. If Krafte signed a pleading agreement, Kravte recognizes the criminal behavior; then the NFL Alliance will make more severe punishment according to the relevant provisions of the Personal Code of Conduct. In fact, the letter, which is also signed by 19 amaracious survivors and 60 anti-exploit-exploitation organizers; the letter statement, if Clavite is If you are guilty, they asked the Alliance to prohibit Krafte from staying in NFL. Of course, this is just a decision, but the former pony team boss is injected 500,000, and it is prohibited from attending the relevant activities as a reasonable reference. This is obviously uncomfortable to have a patriot team began with a patriotic team in 1994.

Of course, if Krafte is signature, the benefits are also obvious. First of all, he does not have to be entangled by the police, the community service, learning course and payment of the need to be completed are also pediatric, and more importantly, his paragraph will not be public. However, if he insists on denial of the sin refused to sign, then he must try to prove that he is not guilty in the court. His hearing will be held on March 29. Unlike the previous imagination, the Florida police asked him to attend the hearing. If the crime is established, Krafte will face the highest punishment for one year. Although the state prosecutor said that it is generally unlikely to get the highest sentence period; but social public opinion is not easy to punish Clavite.

Krafte’s lawyer team has previously applied for non-tributical trials. The reasons are not self-minded. Do you want to judge whether you are guilty? If you don’t accidentally, the hearing after 9 days will be held as scheduled, and soon, if the crime of Krafte is established, it will cover the conclusion.