The panther announced that Newton will serve as the first quarter! Superman is responsible for the first show

The late official is unpleasant, after all, there will be no one thinks that the Carolina Black Panther signed Kam – Newton is replaced by PJ-Walker. Recently, the Black Leopard coach Matt Ruer announced that the winner of the pre-regular season MVP, the 2011 champion quadruption of Newton will face the Washington competition in Washington in the 11th! And this is also the first four-point guard first served as the season.

This will be the 2nd game of Newton returned to the Black Panther, and he was signed by the Black Leopard after the main force of this season. Although only a limited appearance opportunity last week, he still firmly grasped. In the 9-speed attack, he pushed 8 yards from 3 to 3, and the road was 3 shocks to advance 14 yards, got 1 pass to Dagu and 1 shinkpoint.

This is the game of Newton’s 43rd games that have both pass to more and have a rush of the ball, and is the NFL history. At the same time, he also reached a feat that has been completed in the past 30 years – the first time in the competition has been reached, and the first pass in the game has also achieved reachable.

Familiar fans who are familiar with the black panther will not be unfamiliar with Newton, this 2011 Yantang is selected by the black panther, and spent 9 years here. During the period in 2015, the black panther took 15 wins and 1 losses and became a super bowl. Newton also won the regular season MVP. In the career of the Black Panther, he passed a 29049 code to pass, and 183 passed the ball was a team history. At the same time, 59 sholes were also a team history.

This game is Newton’s first in two years after September 12, 2019. However, Newton’s should be the first show is not easy, because his opponent Washington’s coach is the most familiar person – Ron Rivira. Rivira and Newton joined the black panther, fighting with him for 9 years. It can be said that the most familiar Newton’s probaborary coach is non-Rivilla; but Rivira is also a great award and blessing to himself.

“I think this is the best chance of his return, returning to his dreams.” Rivira said earlier this week, “This is a great signing.”