The NBA name is Wall is abandoned. If the power field is cut 20 + 10, there is no benefit to the rocket

On December 3, Beijing time, although the Rockets have achieved 4 consecutive victories, the team is a wounded soldier, especially the two young cores of the backfield, Jay Green and Burto hurt, this pair The team influenced a lot. Even in such a case, the Rocket still did not plan to let Wall return, in this, Wall’s old brother, the foreigner, Arenas, also proposed its own view.

Arneas believes that if Wal can play, he can still cut down the data of 20 points 10 assists, because the Rockets have enough shooters, and they can run the young players who can jump. Their technical features are actually very Suitable for Wall.

So why, in this case, the Rockets are not willing to let Wal fight? Arneas said this is because Wall’s data may be very good, but he is unable to help the rocket to win now, and he cannot help the Rockets to rebuild.

“If Wal is on the game, he will get 20 + 10, but he can’t change the record of the Rockets, and you can’t help the team’s future. The rocket needs to make small ports, Green and Xiaocardin these young people learn how to learn how Playing together, but if Wal is coming out, he is required to make a first main point guard. This matter can not happen. So the Rockets can do it, just don’t let Wall play, or trade him. “Alina Shu.

From the current situation, Wall’s contract is too big, and the Rockets are hard to send away, so unless he is willing to accept the role of the substitute, the Rocket cannot let him play, affecting the plan of the newcomer. Whether Wall can put down his face as a champion and front all-star players, fans can wait and see.