The main force of the tiger, the left side of the slave, delayed the communication, no results, take the initiative to apply for layoffs

October 18 (Wen / ESPN BEN BABY Compile / White) Zac Taylor Conghua Taylor’s first season has not yet been halfway, and everything has become one for this new head coach. Dream.

Now Taylor not only faces the team’s six-game opening, but also dealing with the embarrassing situation between Cordy Glenn and the whole team. After the first season of the first season, Glenn was absent all the rest of the race because of the second episode of the second episode on August 15.

According to the common sense, the brain shock can be recovered quickly, and the recovery period is only a few weeks, but Glen is not able to return to the team, why? It is said that this old will have a crack between the left tunnel and the team. If it is the previous lack because the brain is shocking, then the reason why Taylor gives a punishment in recent recently.

According to the message of the ProfootballTalk website, members of Glen and a coach group have been in a fierce quarrel on the return of the return. Glen was very dissatisfied because of the encounter of the brain, and he was fined $ 200,000. Because he harmed the behavior of the team’s interests, it has become bigger and bigger with the team’s contradiction. Recently, Glen told Taylor to ask the team to cut him like a raid.

With regard to this, the media came to Taylor, but Taylor refused to disclose any news about this, almost closed against Glenn. “This is the issue of the internal discipline of the team.” Taylor said.

Glen is the first left cut off of the list of 53 people, but since August 18th has been lacking, there has been no online since the second game in the previous season. Taylor received an interview on October 17 that based on the union’s brain volatile agreement, Glen has passed the test to debut, but it has not been returned, which has transcended the coach’s control.

The face is that Taylor’s return of Taylor is full of hope. Taylor can strengthen the hardness of the tigers, this year’s Tiger team offensive front line has already released 22 kills, the ranking of the fifth high.

Even if it is on October 11, Taylor still said that he believes that Glenn this season can come back. Taylor has also been asked whether Glen is sincere throughout the process, not playing, and still wants to play. Taylor gives affirmative answers to these two issues. About Glen’s latest situation is one of the many problems of Taylor’s Cincinnati.

Another effectiveness of the Tiger NFL eight seasons, Clint Bolog during the season, due to the rapid retirement. Replacing Cristian Westerman absents the team during the season, when he returned to the team, it was cut off again.

Kent-Parkins is another offensive front line, and he tells the team’s own retirement plan to cut off by the team.

On October 18, Taylor said that there is no player to coach Jim Turmer in the offensive front line. Taylor worked with Turner several times, including the year in Miami dolphins. This season, the Tiger team also signed the left-off John Jerry, he should be the first of the Sunday against Jacksonville American Tiger.