The little bear Qianden era declared the end of the merits of the head and took the bear’s bear to break the championship.

On September 30, Beijing time, the Chicago Winnie Team Declas the end. The Chairman of the Team Epstete Derstate and Madden announced today that the Cabsse team will take the team leading the team to end the 108th championship.

The contract of Madden will expire after the end of this season. This month’s wave of nine losers not only let the bear team in Maunda, but also determine Madden’s destiny from Madden.

Epstein and Madden are announced in St. Louis. The last tried the blenders who have tried to take the championship from the Central District of the Central District, and drag the dispute between the district champion into the 163th game. It is a pity that there is no success.

Madden said: “We will open new journeys. I hope that the Wing Course can get more success in the future, I hope that I have the opportunity to pick up the teroquat in other teams. This is not a sad moment, this decision is for us. Very favorable. We all are excited about the future. “

The cousnet team in the Madden Times is all higher than 50%. His 0.5https://www.maillotspascherfr.com82 winning rate is the second place of the wobble team, only in Frank – Quez (768 wins 389 negative, 0.664, 1905-12 years .

“We all agree, at this time, in this way, in this way, it is a win-win situation for us.” Epstein said, he also said that the current wolf bear team urgently needs to be adjusted. “The results we have got together were unexpected. For me, I have never thought about it can get such excellent partners, his loyalty and support is convincing, I am a baseball. Still, you will benefit from him. “

Anthony - Rezo and Joe - Madden

Anthony – Rezo and Joe – Madden

Bear Bedroom Anthony – Rezo said that Madden informed the team’s decision a few days ago. “That is a great night, bitter in bitterness. I have talked with the emblem, and he is very good.”

In addition, Madden is that Madden is to leave: “He is one of the legend of baseball, is the bridge of different era, he is like my father.”

Before the 65-year-old Madden came to Chicago, https://www.mlbtrojerse.comI took my time in Tampawan, and led the team to break into the 2008 World Competition. One of the final scores 1-4 will be defeated to the Philadelphie of the year. .

In the 2016 season, his Cabin Team regularly got 103 wins, and ended the championship of the ultra-long world contest in the playoffs. He is considered to change the team’s culture, and it creates a relaxed environment for the team in tension. He “Accepting the Target” slogan is one of the important factors of the biggest team of the world contest before the spring training. However, his pitcher scheduling is questioned, even if it is in the case of the world contest trophy. But

For the “Help the team’s total coaches for the four major people’s longest championship”, Qiao Madden will be willing to make a history.

“It is difficult to explain this feeling. There is a feeling of the end of a era,” in the light and the bear and Madden have cooperated with Madden Tools – Zabrist. “When I review my career in the future, he will be the first person I think of. He is a special person. This kind of person is difficult to encounter. This kind of person is even more rare.”

However, Madden is in the last two years of the bear team, it can not be satisfactory. Although I got 95 wins last year, I was eliminated by the Coloradoqui team in the National Owner’s card. This also allowed the high-rise to suspend the contract with its renewal, I hope that Madden can enter the 2019 season in the “best state”. This season, the courses were opened with 2 wins and 7, but they got 23 wins and 7 losses in one month, jumped to the National Union Central District.

However, the winning rate after the wallet team has been around 50%, and a certain hope is retained in the playoffs. However, the team suddenly had problems in September, and the last home series is less than 50% of the winning rate. Subsequently, it is divided by all the Santa Louis Rocks in the partition, and the team completely bid farewell to the playoffs. .

The Madden has signed a contract with the bear team with the wing team in the 2015 season. After the championship of the World Competition, the annual salary rose a million dollars. His number rows in the hostel of the wallet team, and I have entered the playoffs for four consecutive years.

“Joe is the contribution of this team, and it is not enough to praise. “We traveled the entire alliance in the past four years, which is enough to show his strength. We broke the 108-year-old curse. He used the legend of this city and will be remembered forever.”