The list of patriot injuries will then fill a big prize to play the ball Ge God will receive the surgical season reimbursement

October 3 (Text / ESPN Compile / White) Stephen Gostkowski Stephen Gostkowski to enter the 2019 season is not very good in many ways, It is reported that the new England patriots have put this merit player in the injury list. Gostellusk will receive left hip joint surgery, which means reimbursing season.

Gostuckski is called “Gobei” by Chinese fans, and it is the mother of the patriot team and the most players who have arbitrary baskets. It has repeatedly completed the killing of the patriotic crisis, several super bowl trophy and his brave performance It is not open, one of the patriots absolute merits. According to sources, I told ESPN Reporter Adam-Shevt, and the current Gosteciki will prepare the goal for the 2020 season.

“He is very significant about this team. You can see his name from the record.” The patriot will say safely Devin McCourty: “But I always say he has a locker room. How important, so we will definitely miss him this year, he is too important for us. “

The 35-year-old Gosteci has always been a patriot player in 2006, but the 4-0 start will not be the Gobei this season. He has missed four additional points, free of charge 8. In addition, Gost Caski is also responsible for the ball in the game, and 21 times will form a Touchback ranked NFL and second.

New Show Jack – Beiley has had a kicking experience, he may take the game of Gostecusk, but the mission of playing the game needs another.

According to sources, the Patriot tried a few players in the training of October 2, and the two players left at the age of 32 were 32-year-old Kai FORBATH and 37-year-old Mike – New Jebes.

Others participating in the trial also have Elliot Fry, Brian-Walsh (Blair Walsh) and Matthew Wright, the patriot may wait for one day Decide who is finally left.

Introduce the two players that entered the “final circle”, Fubas used the red skin of Washington, the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota, and the Jacksonville America tiger, and the career 140 times of relief Try 120 times .

New Just 311 shot attempts to play 253, which was played in New York Jet, Tampawan Pirates, Arizona, Cincinnati, Dallas Cowbi, Chicago Bear and Auckland raid, history is very rich.

The patriot’s playing work has been very stable, which will be the first time, the team, who has appeared outside the Gosteki, since 2010. I still remember that Gost Coski, Goste Kaski, who was injured in the injury, and the team signed the veterah graham to fill the vacancy.

“No matter who comes here, he does not need to work hard to become a Gostecusk or Adam-Vinetery, he just needs to be enough.”

The patriot specialist group captain Matthew Slater said that he would like to take the Gostecoski player not to be too big pressure: “No matter who, come here, there must be his reasons, and This reason is that the Billyck coach believes that he will help the team to win. We will support him, do our best to help new aid adjustment status. “

Gostellusch has been in the NFL for 14 seasons. During the selection of professional bowls, the total rate of free kick is 87.4%, and now he will absence all the rest of the season. I hope that surgery will not affect the foot of the Gostellusk, and continue to be our familiar Gobei.