The League of Nations finals pirate Packers 31-26 victory tenth Brady rounded out the Super Bowl

Beijing on Jan. 25, NFL playoffs, the League of Nations finals came to an end, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-26 road victory over the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl locked places, and this is – Tom Brady 21-year career into the 10th individual the Super Bowl. As a result, the pirates will also become the first NFL history at home playing a Super Bowl team.

Wonderful review

Section competition, the pirates tried to incoming first with the road but to little avail, Brady third gear three times faced long yardage convert all labeled, and took 4 minutes and 04 seconds to complete a touchdown, the pirates made a 7-0 lead.

II competition, the second attack of the Packers find the state, Rogers first face 3 when 15 yards conversion is successful, and Houmakuizi – Valdez – Scandia Sterling raw cornerback complete 50 yards touchdowns, both sides 7-7 tie.

Brady third gear long pass – Mike Evans completed the ball 52 yards, then running back Leonard – Fornet flash turn maneuvers between the completion of 20 yards rushing touchdowns, Pirates 14-7 lead again.

Rogers speed up the frequency of shots, the team’s offensive also improved the road, but ultimately did not translate into rounded out the red zone touchdowns, Mason – Crosby hit a 24 yards free kick, the score 14-10.

28 seconds before the game the first half, Rogers pass was Murphy – steals Bunting, Bunting and this is the first three career playoff steals three times consecutively, followed by Brady connection Scotty – Miller completed an incredible 36 yards touchdown. Halftime, leading 21-10 pirates Packers.

The third quarter, the pirates will start manufacturing the Packers off the ball, German – White picked up the ball away after the attack back to the front end zone, Brady wired tight end Cameron – Brett touchdown, the pirates made 28-10 lead.

Packers suffered a blow after quickly fired back, Rogers continues to move forward passing, Robert finally connect – Tuo Nian get touchdowns, the score 28-17.

Brady also sent a steals, followed by the Packers to take this great opportunity to connect the Rogers De Venter – Adams touchdown, but the subsequent two-point conversion, etc. is not completed, the score 28-23.

The fourth quarter, Brady then sent two consecutive steals, but fortunately timely defense group to stand up, not drop points again. Then the pirates kicker Ryan – zacapu hit 46 yards free kick, the score 31-23.

The game came to the last 5 minutes, Rogers precise pass forward hit the red zone forward, Crosby hit a free kick, the score 31-26.

Eventually, the tenacious hold of the pirates score to 31-26 victory over the Packers advance to the Super Bowl, they are also the first team in NFL Super Bowl team playing at home.

Game data

Viking quarterback – Tom Brady pass 20 36 3 280 yards touchdowns advancing 3 steals; Chris took over – Goodwin 5 times the ball 110 yards 1 touchdown; running back Leonard – Fu Brunette 12 red balls 55 yards 1 touchdown; defensive end ShaKuiEr – 3 Barrett sack.

Packers Aaron – Rogers pass 48 3 33 346 yards Promoting touchdowns 1 steals; Marquez took over – Valdez – Scandia Stirling 4 times the ball 115 yards 1 touchdown; Djalil – Alexander completed two steals.