The four-point guard who defeated Manning and Braddy was retired, but people only remember his ass.

This season, in the live broadcast of the University of ESPN Saturday and the report show, there will be a familiar figure – Mark Sanchez. Yes, this glory and unsatisfactory quadrant ended his 10-year professional player career, chose to retire; last season, Sanchez also a game for Washington Red Leather team, and facing the break He is asking for the situation, and he seems to be only a way to retreat. Maybe this time is that it is said that you have a laughing of your career in the past 10 years.

When it comes to Sanchez, many people’s first impression must be the famous “ass.”. Indeed, one to Thanksgiving night games, this lens can’t be wounded, even the promotional film collection of Thanksgiving Evening Collection. However, with this ball, Sanchez’s 10-year greetings, and how many people know that he has continued to overturn Mantin and Bradi two legendary sals in the playoffs? Let’s take a look at the protagonist of this “ass to fall”.

Fortunately, the boy starting point is super high “lying” into the United States Federation

Ten years ago, the New York jet fleet is not currently the long-term fish pole team now, and it can be a taste of the season next to the leader before the leader of Chad Pennington. The 2008 team signed the front package of the old soldiers to BRETT FARVE, but the team is only 9-7. So in 2009, the team was determined to pick up a young quarter-saving to pick up the girlfridge for long-term dependence. At this time, a teenager from the University of Southern California entered the phlegm of the team.

In 2008, Sanchez became the first quarter of the University of South California, and the 13 games came out of 3207 yards, completed 34 times, lead the team to take the rose bowl, and he also was elected as a rose bowl. MVP. So at the 2009 election meeting, the jet fleet will rose from the 17th shot to the 5th and pick Sanchez! At that time he was considered to be the best quarter-off except for the Matthew Stafford.

Compared to Stafford’s rotten stall, Sanchez’s starting point is high, his team last season is 9 wins and 7 losses, not 0 wins and 16 losses. And it seems that the god of fate seems to be taken care of him, because the same is the same as 7 losses, the Fa Both has not entered the playoffs, while Sanchez’s rookie season has got the outer card seat in the playoffs.

However, this is not the end of his lucky season. They first tiger team in the outer cards of Kikaiyi District, and in the US semi-final, with a strong pavement, a strong pavement, a flash of the talents, just in the United States. On, I fell into the torch iron hoof led by Dabanning, but I took the team to enter the United States. This starting point is not high.

There is a little black powder, there is a lot of Menta, the Sham of Mannen

Of course, this level is less than eating the question of melon people. Many people say that Sanchez is a “cake” that has a defensive group, and lying in the United States. Indeed, a single season passed 2444 yards, 12 times of 20 times of copying four-defense, how can it be convincing? However, fate seems to write a set of facetages of “Being Peak” to this young man. In 2010, the team gave the League Top Racing Laranian – Ladainian Tomlinson, which allowed the team to attract the tiger to the tiger, while Sanchez also played more mature, team A drum was got 11 wins and 5 negative achievements.

However, the record of the Patriot Team is 14-2, the steel people and the crow team are 12-4; so even if the results of the jet team are excellent, they are still only in the 2nd card of the United Unitedity, and wait Sanchez is the hardship of last year – Daxiening! Although the pony team leading the Big Manning is only 10-6 records, it is slightly less than the jet fleet, but the Great Manning, which enters the playoffs, can not be underestimated.

So Beijing Time January 10, 2011, in Indianapolis, a fierce killing will hit this. The first quarter of the two sides did not build a tree. He went to the second section. Dabanning took a long time, and was taken away from Pierre Garcon’s steady, complete a 57 bit. Pullhead first. However, the jet team faces 7 points of disadvantageous Zhongzheng City, and the third section opened through a wave of 10 files 63 yards, eventually completed 1 yard of the squid to the ball reachable, chasing score.

Subsequently, the performance time of “Historical Division Wang” is playing the game – Vinatieri in Vinatieri, in the end of the third section, in the fourth quarter, he 3 times in any kick, Contributing 9 points for the piles. Although Tom Linsen once again completed the 1 yard ball to reach, but with the 10th code hit of Venatiye, the pony team 16-14 continent, leaving only a jet and Sanchez less than 1 minute. Time.

At this time, when this is full of darkness, Crom Mart is brought to a shit, he has not chosen to attack in the end area, and he ran to his own 46 yards, namely the midfield. nearby! Push forward and push the shot, we can win! I saw that Sancheznon’s face was filled with persistence. He wore a helmet and led a teammate, rushed to the battlefield of life and death.

9 yards, 11 yards, Sanchez, accurate pass, will advance the offensive start position to the small 32 yards; however, Sanchez knows that this is the risk of a player, the risk of free kick is too big. Also going again! So he fell to the knife, I saw a beautiful arc scored the noisy night sky, stabilized in the external handbrady – Braylon Edwards, 18 yards! Playing the ball only needs to complete a 32-yard shot, immediately kill the opponent! Nick Folk (Nick Folk), one foot, 32 yards stable! Sanchez led the jet team in the Indianapolis Plip Pony, completed the battle of revenge in the same location!

Magic boy will continue to win Braddy two into the US

There is not much time to stay to Sanchez and jet fleets, because the next opponent is more difficult – partition boss patriots. Breddy led the patriot team only lost 2 games, and they have taken three super bowls, and they won the unconscious record of 16-0 in 2007; they are the superb bowl candidates who are not allowed to make Brey. What did Di and Bilipk did not expect that a feast from the greenery teenager was waiting for them.

In fact, winning the horses team has confirmed the big scene of Sanchez and the strong heart in the face of pressure, but many “data theory” fans still think that the 189 yards have a copy of the CD, and Sanchez is still “lying” win”. However, Sanchez’s performance in the Semi-finals of the United Unitednet declared these black powders. In Beijing time, Jili Stadium, January 18, 2011, under the cold wind, Sanchez’s feel is hot! In the second game, he guided the two-way offensive, once 7 yards passed the ball to find Tom Linsen, and another 15 yard passed the ball to find Edwards, so that the team ended at 14-3 before halfland.

In the second half, the offensive group of Braddy led, the Sanchez chooses to attack the opponent with the attack, and when the patriot will follow the score to three minutes when the patriots will pass the score, it is the beginning of Sanchez. Once 58 yards shredded the patriot line’s defense, but also allowed the jet army to oscillate, took the 7 yard pass to the ball to expand the score to 21-11. And this is also the third record of Sanchez on the game!

Until 1 minute and a half before the end of the game, the patriot received 3 points; only one suspended, they had to perform gambling, which also made the jet machine got the fourth time, and pulled the score again . Although the Patriot team took Daren before the final, it was too late; Sanchez was completed after the land, and the emulator shouted. If the passengers win the little horse is a miracle, then let the patriots will make this miracle a few times! At this moment, the four-point guard of this miracle is actually an early mall, step into the professional stadium, only two years of furhead!

Falling into a sluggish and combating bitter experience alternative “one ball is famous”

In 2011, Sanchez is a watershed, accurately, this watershed appeared in mid-December. At that time, they used 8-5 records to ushered in the last three-week game, facing the last three opponents, giants, and dolphins, if Sanchez can bring the team again to the playoffs again, with their away king The strength, no partition champion dares to be young.

However, the three-winning team, Sanchez is here “dropped the chain”, and the three consecutive victories of the singing, they didn’t even have a victory, and ended the regular season with 8-8. The journey. Looking at the big counterattack in the superb bowl of the same city team, Sanchez can only bother to eat bitter gourd; in fact, his season is better than the season, the pass number is 3474 yards, the pass of the ball is 26 It is the highest career. Helpless, the team’s record is unfavorable, but also makes fans unresinked to his personal small progress.

In 2012, the team was very unsatisfactory, and the previous ten games 4-6 negative records made their playoffs in jeopardy. At this time, a Thanksgiving night match is a great opportunity to prove their strength to the world, but it is not a complated, their opponents are the patriotic team of the same district. Sanchez is still not known at this time, and “Waterloo” in his career is coming soon.

In the first quarter, I sent a copy of the copy, which made Sanchez feel bad, but starting from the second section of the team’s successful loss and is annoyed. Between the second quarter 56 seconds to 8 minutes and 51 seconds, it became the “black history” of the jet flex, and the “name scene” of Sanchez is also there. In a 1st-pin 10-yard attack, Sanchez gave the ball to felt the pressure of the pocket. He immediately decided to rash himself; however he turned a turn, but he hit a “wall”, this blocking “wall” is not The opponent’s defensive player is actually the ass to attack the front line player! The Sanchez’s helmet is solidly hit on the buttocks of the teammates and then lying directly on the ground, come to a four-tenth metal; the ball is also coming out, the Patrioper team Steve Gri Gregory (Steve Gregory ), I have completed 32 yards back to the attack!

The jet fleet is as if he is dizzy by this ball, and there is a fall in the next attack, and it is picked up by Julian Edelman to complete the 22 yards. It’s a short 10 seconds to lose 14 points, and all this is the famous “ass” “ass” in Sanchez. Since then, the “ass to be the ball” has become the theme of the inevitable review; when people mention Sanchez, they will no longer remember the brilliant history of his past. Great gray face.

This game jet 19-49 lost a variety of light, and Sanchez became a multi-media tauntable. Does he win two games? Who cares? In short, he is the protagonist of “ass turning down” is the center of the network. 6 wins and 10 negative jets after the end of the season, they also started a long-term journey.

Wandering life is not recognized in a generation of beautiful boy

In 2013, Sanchez was injured in the preseason in August, but this is not important, because the team selection Gino Smith in the second round of the draft conference. So, Sanchez has no suspense after the end of the rookie contract, is abandoned by the jet. His next East is Philadelphia Eagle. He became the first after the team’s 5 wins and 2 losses, and the Nick foles became the first, and the 2418 yard passed the ball, 14 times to 11 times. The times were copied, and finally led the team 10 wins and 6 piping. However, because of the lions and rickets of the year, Sanchez was once again blocked outside the playoffs.

In 2015, after the Eagle was spent a second season, he went out after 2 games. In 2016, he began a reversed day. He was first enroved by the wild horse in the top of the top of the rush to retire. However, in the battle of the first seat, he lost to the second grade Trevo-Simiian ( Trevor Siemian); Not only that, the team seems to have a position to leave him, and he cut him directly in September. So, he ran to the Cowboy, but he was also defeated in the competition with Dak Prescott, and looked at Prescott and Elliott. Youth Storm. ” Sanchez understands that he is not the green teenager who comes to the wind, and the US team will inevitably not leave a long time.

Whether in 2017 in the bear team, still in the Red Leather in 2018, Sanchez is obviously a marginal figure. Destiny seems to have finally pulled this poor child, so he was hurt when he was hoped by the Red Leather team in 2018, just in the injury of Colt McCoy. And this is a lot of live broadcasts. When Sanchez put on the helmet, there was a “fate will not pitifulize this boy” feels floating. Really, there are too many stories around him, too cruel.

Sanchez did not seize his last one’s opportunity. In the next week, the 38 yards were promoted by the 38 yards in the giant team. This allowed the coach Jay-Grogen is very dissatisfied. It replaces it. When Josh Johnson appeared at the moment of his play, Sanchez in the scene may be aware that his last game of his career is over ..

Not to wash all white Sanchez, just hope that at this moment he retired, more people remember that he is the green juvenile hero that once in the playoffs, the two-point guards of Mentian and Bradi; Not only the poor clown smirked by everyone by everyone. Maybe for Sanchez, he went back to the 2010 Industry in 2010. Countless times remembered the glory of the fox fort; maybe for some people, “Youth once is wild”, is the best comfort .