The first time the Zhan Huang was infected, he said, "It’s true, things happened", I also sent a number of fishing expressions.

On December 2, after being diagnosed infected with the virus, the Los Angeles Lakers became the star Brand James, so far, there was still no publication, which made many media felt.

Not long ago, James passed his social account, he sent a contextual unknown, but it seems that it is said that he did infecting a virus.

“Seriously, it is indeed true! Things happened.” James wrote that he also distributed multiple fish, fishing rod Emoji pictures (see above).

According to the regulations of the league design, https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.coma player is diagnosed with a virus, then he is at least 10 days until it is detected. In front of the season, Warger, General Manager of the Lakers, has mentioned that James has been vaccinated. At present, there is no media to mention how he infected the virus in the report.

The Lakers discovered that James was positive in the morning, and it was reported that he did three inspections. The first and third times were positive. Only the second is negative, and then the relevant team passed private aircraft Send it back Los Angeles.

James has been absent from 11 games, according to the current idea, in accordance with the current idea, and will be able to come out next week, and when he is expected to reach 15 games. There is also James is the only player of the Lakers so far.