The first battle of the giant season, the strongest Beckhand will return?

In the first week of the 2018 season, Jacksonville American Tiger’s game in the New York giant, even though the New York giants were defeated, but Odel Beckham only used this game, it was the best. Own. This is Beibei first appeared in the game after 336 days of the NFL. In October last year, Xiahe hurts the ankle. After the long rehabilitation, Beckham’s performance is even more than the injury. At the critical moment after the backwardness of the giants, Beckham continuously completed the number of large-size, and somewhat became a key gentleman who took the team. In the whole game, Beibei became the goal of passing the ball, a total of 11 clicks were completed, and the amazing 111 yard was not harvested. But in fact, this super outer handbook can take more code and reachable, but because Eli Manne’s upper and lower half have a lack of accuracy pass, Beckham is at least missing a chance. Worse, in the second half competition, when Beibei completed a ball, the foul of the front line player Erek Flals was buoyed for this effort. If Beibei’s teammates can seriously, this outer junction is likely to help giants get the first season.