The father of Mount Mountain is 93 years old and will bring the Yangji Stadium into the work for the tour army.

On December 12, there was a famous American comicistististian-Li in Los Angeles, and the year was 95 years old.

Spider-Man, Black Leopard, X Police, American Captain, Singular Dr. …….. Many IPs of Hollywood, such as Lei Tong, are from his hand, taking into account the contribution of the Hollywood box office recently. We can speak Stan-Li, which has been a movie market in Hollywood in recent years. Since 1989, his work has been adapted to a movie. In 2002, he first played his movie career in the movie Spiderman. Recently released to the venoms and the upcoming Avengers, which will be released next year, have also have the true color of the elderly.

Stan – Lee has been in the body conditions in recent years, is not very good. It is suffering from pneumonia. The vision is gradually declined, but he still comes to the game at home for the team in 2016. At the age of 93, he can say that the baseball can be said to have a unique clock, and the trust is a fanatic baseball fan, and the love of the baseball runs through his life.

In 1922, Stan-Lee born in New York, in the process of growth, in addition to comics is also fascinated by baseball, the pride of New York City naturally became his favorite. Stan-Li Pin likes to talk about Yangji team, often pioneering, and then work, and Yang Bay team’s sign Yangji Stadium has been brought into his work multiple
times. After the death, many MLB teams and stars said he mourned him. The Metropolitan team called “Thunder”, Sindgard is still in the style of Lei Shen today, and pay tribute to the elderly. Although Thunder is not his work, New York is Tammy – Li’s hometown. Thunder is still thrown: his imagination is depicting an empire. The Auckland Sports Family team is also slorted by the old man.

In 2014, he also went to the San Francisco Giant team to win the game. In fact, the Most Tan – Li team also loved the giants, and also participated in the “Hero and Manga Night” event on the Giant AT & T Park Stadium on the same day. Stan – Li also praised the giant’s rescue pitcher Romo is the real version of the superhero. Perhaps the high-tech of Silicon Valley gave the old man, many inspirations, so that he has brought us a lot of excellent works.

Stan-Lee’s life from New York to California, the development of career has made him live in many places, but we can see that in addition to comics, the old man loves the baseball is unchanged. Baseball This movement has begun from him to the change of the sky, and the old man can still stick to his initial heart. It can be said that it is really difficult. Today, the old man has been far away from us, we don’t know if the old man is sorry about his favorite baseball, but we wish him to continue to appreciate his favorite baseball game in heaven, and his bodcastball star. It will definitely talk to him.