The 53rd Super Bowl Middle Field Show Guest announced the magic red will sing at the stage

On January 14th, Beijing time, after a long time, NFL announced the famous popular band magic red (Maroon 5) became the 53rd super bowl of midfielder show the singer. The 53rd Super Bowl will start on February 4, 2019 (New Year’s Eve) in Atlanta Mercedes Mercedes-Benz Stadium. At that time, Gray, Magic, Magic, will join hands to say Singer Travis Scott and A many artists, including Yatlah’s Big Big Boi, brought hundreds of millions of audiences to the most prosperous audiovisual feast of the most prosperous music genres in the history of the music. [Top Ten Super Bowls Middle Field Show Classic Time] [Wu Yifan Zeng Deng Super Bowl Official Event Singing] [2018 Super Bowl Middle Field Show Review]

This magic red to participate in the super bowl can be said to be a three fold, and it is necessary to say that this thing is not more than three months. Even the members of the band are also default, but NFL and its partners are late. Now, I finally waited for the official confirmation, and the stones in people were also considered. In fact, the magic red morning will want to be happy with the super bowl. As early as 2015, the 39-year-old band came to say as (Adam Levin), when participating in a program, Holdle Stern Stern Stern Stern “I hope to participate in the super bowl”. According to informed people, the band of Shu Dang has been in the NFL’s super bowl in the NFL, and both sides can say “Lang has a love”.

In recent years, the Alliance has special requirements for the midfield show, not only for the mainstream attraction of the band or singer, but also asked to find a main show that never boarded the midfield. History, like Bruce Springsteen, former Beatles Paul McCartney, U2 Band, or even Black Eyed Peas, Douchao, 2004 The middle of the year was controversial due to Jenny Jackson and Jia boss’s “clothing accident”. The eternal Tianwang Michael Jackson’s mid-field performance was widely considered to be the best midfield show in history, and “HEAL THE WORLD” is still echoing in our ear.

Establishment of magic red

In 1994, the music team was established in Los Angeles, USA, when they were still high school students. Maybe it is from the adolescent sprout and yearning, the initial band name is called Kara Flower, and they do what they don’t like every day after their musical ideals, but the record has been in turn. Until their creation collection “Songs About Jane” was waiting for more than 1 year after the record store, was pady by a broker, and since then, the magic red began to go to the big red big purple. After that, in the album “IT Won’t be soon before long, they can have boldly begins to seek their own music style.

Maroon 5 became a magical red by Chinese fans, and the first half of this name was Maroon’s pronunciation and magic. The red word is more paying attention to, representing wild, mysterious, enthusiasm, unrestrained, love, and then incorporates rock and roll, the soul melody and the rhythm, so the new soul of wild is combined with metal rock, injecting a pop song New color – red. Of course, some people think that Maroon 5’s song has magic, and the main symbol-Levin’s “Sao Dang” title is because his songs and performances are too wind, and even can be called sexy.


Magic Red is a rock band. It is exactly that it is a new soul rock, career 3 times won the Grammy award, including the Best Newcomer Award, Best Pop Corps / Combination Award (twice). Their music is classic songs and evolved, which makes people feel fresh and fresh, and vigorously promote the revival of the American rock in the 1990s. In 2002, the magic red with the album “Songs About Jane” took off the 47th Grammy’s Best Newcomer Award, which was red.

On September 1, 2011, Magic Red and Christina-Agurara collaborate “MOVES LIKE JAGGER” won the top of the weekned billing Hot 100 single list list. On November 20, the same year, Magic Red defeated nominees including LMFAO and OneRepublic, and got the most popular popular / rock combination of the Music Award. Its singles such as “Sugar”, “Move Like Jagger”, etc., more times, I will be held in the list of Bulletin Hot 100 Single List.

In April 2013, the 2013 Bulletin Music Award announced the nomination list, magic red with a single “One More Night” to get 11 awards, with Taylor Swift, Fun, becomes the Bulletin Music Award. Get the most nominated musicians. On September 10, 2014, the magic red rely on the album “V” for the second time to win the championship of the bulletin board, the single “sugar” once again won the bulletin Hot 100 single list champion

Super bowl

Super Bowl is an annual championship of the American Professional Rush Big Alliance (NFL). It has been a TV program with the highest value in the United States for many years, and has gradually become an unofficial national festival. If Christmas is a day to celebrate the money and chopping trees year, then the super bowl is like a huge party. This is the highest race in the United States, the heat is far from the well-known ceremonies and competitions such as Gremeth, Oscar, NBA Finals.

Super bowl midfield

One year, the superb bowl is definitely a major event that is very eye-catching worldwide. It can get the guests invited by the super bowl. The front night performance and singing national anthem will prove that this singer is still the popularity of the United States, not to say The main show artist is selected as the midfield. The superb bowl midfield show basically refreshes a variety of viewing records, Lady Gaga 51th Super Bowl Middle Field Show full platform ratio has a history of 150 million viewing records.

Come and get out of the guests invited by a super bowl, just a music superstar that can be hand-smoked, although the guests will not receive any remuneration, but the pursuit is still endless. It turns out that even if there is no compensation, the business value produced after the stage cannot be estimated. For example, in 2014, Bruno Mars participated in the 48th super bowl of midfielder show, the price has risen several times, and the number of sales rose directly from 1.6 times.

The 53rd Super Bowl will be held at the Atlantawning Eagle on February 4, 2019, at the Atlanta Champion. In addition, NFL also confirmed that the 53nd super bowl will be a production person by Lichi-Kushna, Hamashi-Hamilton served as a head guide, let’s look forward to it!

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