Super New Xiu Dawsin – Mei Liu Bing Anti-Qiqi 3-4 was reversed by the priest

On August 27, Beijing time, the US duty wart has ended a Civil War of the National Association, and the San Diego priest greeted the challenge of the Dragonfly Los Angeles Daoqi team. Dodge was smooth in the top five, with a lot of points but firmly controlled. However, the Dodge young first pitcher plucking in the sixth game suffered greatly, and the princes were resembled. finally,

The priest reversed wins.

[Data Highlight]

The priest first pitched the Pitcher’s Pitcher fell 3 points but sent 8 three vibrations, better suppression of Dodified luxury line.

Dodge first picked up the pitcher Mei 5.1 The bureau was knocked 4 points, 4 points, 2 points were self-signs, and once again and high quality first.

In terms of work, although the priest has no home run, but relying on the opponent’s mistake, plus the point of Nenee and Macha, success. Dodgene 3 is played 2 points, and Ernan Des Yangchun cannon 1 points.

[Competition process]

The first bureau of the two teams is three strokes, of which the priests first pitched Raul even continuously Zhen Zhen and Turner. But the second bureau of Raul encountered a chaos, and the two out of the game, the attacked attacks, so in a timely, three vibrant pitches, did not drop.

But the third game, he was hit by the home base when he was in Turner, and the Turner’s Tenta season was also coming to 24, and the Dodge Three games ended 1-0 lead.

The fourth game of Dodge once again captured the base, but AJ-Poolock was three vibrations. The Dodge of continuous missing opportunities has been punished. The fourth game gave up to Mei first, and the Bacashi broke the complete competition. After two out of the game, he was hit by Huosmo to chase the score, the four games ended, and the two sides became 1-1 flat.

However, Turner immediately helped his red-haired little brothers and then knocked back, and the second base of his left foreign countries sent back to Mangxi, and the Dodge Five games ended the leading 2-1. In the upper half of the sixth game, Ernand is also hitting the home run, and the score is expanded to 3-1.

However, the second half of the sixth bureau has been chaotic, no one is started to be knocked out two security, Nalax’s timely, the security of the Chinese and foreign fields directly sent out two people, the prices will be divided into 3-3 flat Then, the horse robes rolled out the game, but Nail ran back home base, and the priest 4-3 contrada score. This ball also retired Mei.

In the seventh place, Matt-Stram replaced the Raul shouted by the first release, Raul was over 6.0 bureau was played 6 security, lost 3 points, sent 8 three-oscillated 4 times, relying on The wandering is playing in the second half of the sixth game, he also got a candidate candidate. Stram debuted twice and sent 2 three vibrations and perfectly solved this half.

In the first half of the ninth game, Terminator was https://www.fanbutikk.comclosed. Peterson was out of the bureau from three balls; Polyke waves were emptied by Sanzhen; Mangsi was guaranteed by tentabed balls; Turner was also sent 3 vibrators.

[Two Party First]

San Diego priest

First stick two bases Greg – Garcia

The second stick right wilder, Yash-Nile

Third stick Triarman Manny Mado

Fourth stick, Eric Hosmo

Fifth Bar Catcher Francisco – Meishia

Sixth stick left outer wilder Will Miles

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Manuel – Margot

Eighth Bar Guards Louis – Uilias

Ninth stick Eric – Raul

Los Angeles Daoqi

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder AJ-Poolock

The second stick Max – Mangxi

Third stick, three base, Justine-Ten

Fourth stick

Fifth Bar Guardi – Hig

Sixth Catcher Will Smith

Seventh stick left outer wilder Chris Taylor

Eighth rod right wilder enrich – Ernand

Ninth stick Pitcher Dastine – Mei

[Next prospect]

Tomorrow will be the confrontation between the two teams, the young Walker-Braj season is only 3.16 at the point of 3.16 at the same time, but the content of his main country is very different, away The self-discipline is 2 points higher than the home, but Bille has lost 1 point of investigator on August 3rd 9. The priest will send the first-hand pitcher, Ttrier, is a priest to play the best pitcher this season, the main voted 81.1, although only 70 three oscillating but the points of self-sharing is as low as 3.32, since July returned to first 8 The transcripts of 2.22 self-blade points were sent first.