Super Bowl City Business: Severe Hannesota Fiery Rugby Culture Inheritance

Under the report of domestic media, the super bowl is no longer a concept that needs to go to the science from the head. Every year, there is no matter how much is the degree of rugby, everyone will gather together, look at the football, feel the worldThe charm of the top IP.

Previously, the ecological circle specially made a superb bowl of commercial perspectives. Today, I invited the special reporter who hosted the Sports Management in the Super Bowl to learn sports management. Let’s talk to you those things in the competition and the city.

Special reporter / Shang Yu Meng

Editor / Guo Yang

The story about the super bowl, we have no more to say more, as the annual championship of the NFL (National Football League), the two sides of the game are the US Rugby League ( AFC) and the National Football League (NFC).This year’s pair of two sides is a superb bowl in recent years, New England patriots, and defeating Viusi Eagle to advance to the Super Bowl.

The two sides have already arrived at the scene.

Although Minnesota Viking can not be able to get a superbit bowl, let the local citizens are some disappointed, and the fare has not been hot in the local area, but the expectation of the Philadelphie, still let the ball price is high, an average of 5694 US dollar, up 31% over the previous super bowl.

Although the fare is extremely expensive, even if it is to see the preparation and layout of the event, it will definitely make the value of each person coming here.

Of course, the temperature of Minneapolis has been maintained below zero, so the traditional outdoor exhibition of Super https://www.maillotbasket6.comBowl is also impacted, while the situation of sponsorship activation is also greatly frustrated.

However, this also helped the indoor exhibition more hot – passionate fans can go to the superbown’s theme park, enjoy the beautiful experience brought by rugby, and new technologies such as VR and AR have also brought a small use scenario.

Freezing Minnesota!

This theme park is located in the conference center of Minneapolis Downtown, interesting, 27 years ago, NFL first hosting this activity, is also in this 45,000 square meters of conference center.

From the scene atmosphere, the theme park of this professional football is described as the “Disneyland” in the fans.

Here, fans can face their own names or legendary superstars, interact with them, and get a personal signature. The appearance of each team’s autumn clothing and locker room has also been moved to the scene. The fans can also take a group with the champion trophy and the first 51st ring.

“Super Bowl Experience” is more interesting, there is also a rich game -40 yard short run here, on the LED screen and NFL players, virtual reality games, simulated NFL draft Wait, let everyone really feel the true meaning of the super bowl.

As a professional alliance that has been paying attention to the development of adolescents and children’s football, the organizers also set a child and adolescent area in the underground layer.

There will be a rugby class in a mini lawn, and the rugby player will come to interact with the children. Cultivate children’s interest in rugby by throwing safe mini football and a series of obstacles.

Children are very interested in these activities. They queued over and over again, only to throw more, run more. There are also many children aged 2, 3 years old. They have no way to complete the whole process independently, and they participate in the help of Mom and Dad, and a family is gone. This is also a rare parent-child time for parents who are busy for a week.

In addition to this superbown theme park, NFL will also launch a series of surrounding activities, including superbals, Live, etc., for the super bowl weekend crazy.

This time, the popular idol Wu Yifan also served as an NFL promotion ambassador, sang in the cold atmosphere, triggered the sought after the domestic and foreign fans, and the sales force practiced the responsibility of rugby promotion ambassador. From the communication effect of domestic social media, traffic stars have certain significance for promoting football.

Wu Yifan’s live performance


In addition to the children of the children, the other is that the other is a deep impression that it is the inheritance of culture.

At the employee training day, a staff said that when the last super bowl came here, his father took him here, and he played very happy that day, and deeply liked rugby, then One of the most impressed days in his life. So, when he knew that the super bowl returned to Minneapolis, he decided to return to this, once again revisited the feelings of the year, and also created the same experience for other fans.

Such an example is not in a minority, and the one-session of the contest is not only requires NFL staff, and more volunteers are more volunteers, and these staff are basically local residents, from the early high school students to the old man, each race and age Everyone has.

Everyone has provided high quality services through their own efforts, and delivers a perfect business card for their own cities.

A variety of activities and annual wonderful competitions attract tourists from all over the world, and such a full-US level competition, it is undoubtedly greatly stimulating the local economy – this is why many cities are actively applying a super bowl Organized.

Especially for the relatively small cities such as Minneapolis, such events will take the whole city to the game atmosphere, and a previous example is the 2012 Indianapolis’s super bowl, that year The superbit is recognized as the most successful one, but also makes Indiana’s reputation in the United States rose a lot of reputation – of course, there is a lot of help in that year, there is a lot of help.

The superbown has brought considerable customers for the local hotel catering industry, which is naturally a rare opportunity for cold Minnesota. As early as half a year, the hotel around the stadium was booked. In the event of a shortcoming hotel room, it also set off a boom of Airbnb in the middle of the local university student, and many people have earned a little.

In fact, think about it, from the perspective of urban revenue, the main team Viking does not enter the super bowl, but a good thing, because the fans come in the fans for more relevant consumption. It is worth mentioning that in the history of NFL, there is no team to enter the super bowl at home.

In addition, local public transport systems have made certain adjustments for superbals, as much as possible to mitigate the traffic of traffic brought by hot competitions.

The well-known football explanation is Xiao Shen in the superb bowl competition.

The super bowl is close at hand, and the whole city is ready to welcome this grand festival, with the enthusiasm and expectation of rugby and super bowl, let rugby’s charm through the cold temperatures, put the most enthusiastic event to all The world’s foot fans.

Figure / Wen: Shang Yu Meng

EDTOR: Guo Yang, some content is organized from David Meltzer

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