Star fight? Which has so much playing, NBA Jianghu is a human life

Today, NBA has been staged in a total of 9 games, and it is a big contest date, of which the Nuggets will be particularly concerned about the heat of the hot fire.

This is not because both parties are the play game team, the quality of the game is guaranteed, and the reason is that the two teams have played the conflict in the fierce scenes, and the dressing room is blocked. The player family is a big mouth. I’m not happy. So I met again today, based on the psychology that is not too big, everyone is looking forward to the competition, and some gunpowder will be made.

It can be realistic “disappointing”, two main parties, one injury, and another, although the fire line is repeated, it is incomparable to cool. The competition was closed in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere, and the Nuggets finally took away a passenger.

This game
also proved the sentence: Jianghu never kills kill, the rivers and lakes are human love.

Crack, blocked, put the words

There is no old complaint between Nuggets and Heat, but in the first concrete process in November 9, it has been a new hat. The process of the game is similar to today. Under the leadership of Jiki MVP level, the score is long, but when the fourth quarter hits the last 2 minutes and 29 seconds, the winning and negative has lost the suspense, the scene fans began When they left in advance, they suddenly occurred unexpectedly.

The event is a bad temper, Morris, maybe because the loser is too mad, he pushed the people in front of Yekizi drum, and sent a fierce. foul. The referee has been a whistle, Morris is nothing to turn around to the back, but about Kiki is completely irritated, from behind, the opposite is knocked directly.

Morris can’t prevent it, the neck is injured, and the team doctor even lifted the stretcher to the field, and finally took the court, and Joji was also directly expelled because of this fierce retort.

Perhaps it is too sudden, the two players did not respond too much. Under the discouragement of the coach and staff, there was no excessive reaction. Only Butler took a buddy. Later, it was said that the people were draft, but Badler was still not yet yes, but the assistant coach of the Nuggets.

After the end of the game, hot players such as Badler, Lorui, Adebay were collectively blocked, and they should discuss it. As a result, they were taken by Denver’s photographer and transferred to the Internet. Items a wave of traffic.

Not only that, Morris and Yaki’s family have rolled in. First, Mark’s twins Markus shouted in social media on the social media: “Behind the black hand, this account will be recorded!”

Subsequently, Jiki’s brothers didn’t have to show weakness. Specially registered a new social media account, responding to the threat of the other party: “If you want to make things big, believe in us, we are absolutely accompanied !!”

The size of Morris has passed the “Strong Brothers”, and the two brothers of Jochi are not the oil’s light, it is said to be a master. My brother bought a ticket to Miami early, it seems that the idea should be held again after the two teams in four weeks! It is precisely because of this, today’s ball is already on the agenda by the media and the fans early, looking forward to it.

To watch the ball, not coming

Media and fans are eager to look forward to Nuggets and Heat’s two-game power truly evolved into another “war”, but the players and coaches of both sides clearly have a completely different ideas.

In fact, after conflict, Yorkchi has been facing reporters in the first time: “I think that is a very dirty action, and I just want to protect myself. I should not make such a reaction, but things
I happened, I feel very sad, I was at the time. “

In the past two days, both players and coaches were asked to fade the contradiction when they were asked in this game, and they were constantly implied. They must return the focus to the game itself.

Miami’s local media published a report yesterday that “Haslem issued a strict warning” to Jiki Brothers “as the selling point, referring this hot spirit leader to relevant topics.

Haslem said: “This is nothing to do with me. I heard about the Ji Chi brothers to buy a ticket. They are best to go to the rules, don’t look for trouble. This is my city, you What is the purchase ticket? I look at the ball. I will go home after reading. No one wants to do your brother, we are going to play. “

It looks quite hard on the surface, but the kernel is still a good person. Coincidentally, today’s hot coach Spocerst and Nuggets Mike Macon also expressed the same meaning.

Spo said in an interview: “Things have passed, NBA will definitely send a whole security team, and the referee will be very vigilant. Nothing, this is a basketball game.”

Malone is more direct: “Miami is a good place to watch the ball, they are not going to watch the ball (Joji brothers), just to see the ball.”

I said this, is this? The Jikiqui brothers said that, like Malone, sitting behind the Nuggets Bench, quietly after reading the game. And the whole game, not yam, I’m don’t want to be extremely calm. The hot fire team did not give this “enemy”, and finally looked at him. The performance of the 24 points and 15 plates 7 assists 1 mistakes. Take away a victory.

Beat and kill? Human life!

Today, Nuggets and Heat games, don’t talk about gunpowder, even more peaceful than other games. And if you have enough understanding of the NBA, you should have a proportion of such results. Because as a mature, the NBA has never hosted “violence” to become the mainstream, and the past ten years is more striking behavior.

There are many famous vicious conflicts in the history of NBA, but since the “Osh Hill Palace”, the stadium violence has become less and less.

Although because of the fierce body confrontation and tension, the player will occasionally conflict between the players because of hormones, after calm, rarely raise these “accident” to private grievances, and smash. Even if you are not cool, you will not easily make things a lot, after all, the NBA is really a penalty, who is not a money?

Not to mention, just said that the Lakers and Pistons were battled in the battle, because the last time committed, LeBron James maliciously made the blood of Stewart’s eyes, the 20-year-old teenager angered the crown, full of chasing the boss of the boss. So I met again once, everyone is very curious, two people will face each other with what kind of attitude.

During the competition, in addition to the Spris Center’s fans will be flying in Stewart, the atmosphere and the other are not different.

In fact, this is the NBA’s normal: everyone is in the same piece of rivers and lakes, and there is a lot of friends in the next day. The audience loves to see the killing, because things are not related, and people who really mix in the rivers and lakes are just to earn rice.

Anyway, everything is a business, who will tell the money?