St. Louis Purchain 44 million US dollars signed the first Zuo Gou Matu to return to the country or welcome the career new opportunities

According to ESPN reporters, St. Louis Puttings have been with free players left pitcher Steven Mitz 44 million US $ 44 million contracts. Plus the incentive clause, up to 48 million. Waiting for Mitz to complete the medical examination, the Sapphire will be a contract.

The 30-year-old Matz is effective last year in Toronto blue bird. He has made 14 wins and 7 losses in 29 times, and the 150.2 bureau self-defeating rate is 3.82, and three vibrations are 43 times. His career is valued in the top 6 seasons in New York, and the career is divided into points 4.24.

2021 Tyas Maz is reloaded in the blue bird. He is a reliable first-hand pitcher in the blue bird, 8.6 times every nine games, 2.6 times, and the roll rate is slightly higher than the average of the alliance. His average speed can reach 94.5 mi, which can be ranked seventh in the left pitcher.

Matt talks can not be stably eaten, the career is only more than 160, but he can constantly attack a good shield, can control the ball, with the stable preparation of the flush, it is ideal. The first-year pitcher candidates, the new season he will become the middle round of the team.

The existing first-firing of the Red Titt Waynelet, Fleiei, Maikolars and Huderson are all pituits, the left pitcher Mats’s joining will not only bring experience, but also stabilize the team’s first send. Maz will also benefit from the predecessor’s home and alliance.

The new season was first happened to the top 3, and he as a characteristic of rolling earth pitcher, a good pitching and spherical speed is very beneficial to play in the rickets. Refer to the performance of the 2021 season, Jonen Leicester, the rumor has reason to look forward to the results of Tyas Maz.