Space people god roll-offs unexpectedly outlambered bag rebound, snatch, funny

On September 19, Beijing time, Houston spaceman took 7-0 victory in the sea.George – Springer’s first half of the 8th game has completed the gustody level of God’s defense, butPeople are called.Mike Leak lost the ball in the third game and accidentally smashed the Bryan – McAna left foot dancing, Robinson-Kano promoted the Barbed Base, Dr. Dal – Span andMangules has a mutually defending and staying on the spot.

This ball is defined by MLB as a difficulty of 5 stars, and Spring has completed

This ball is defined by MLB as a difficulty of 5 stars, and Spring has completed

Space man eagle challenge three combo Springer rolling out

The second half of the third place, the first half of the saber, Mike Lick, the 4th stick of the Spaceman, the fourth stick, the Springs, the top of the left foreign field, and the home running wall rebounded to the Spring When the grid is running back, at the same time, Gonzalez will hold 1 point. However, the Space People’s coach team accidentally applies for an eagle eye challenge, the original Gonzalez high-speed ball is hitting the hitting the homes on the yellow line of the wall, the main review of the Sarez bombard 2 points to expand the difference to 4 -0, explain the guest Wu Hao thunder or the spaceman is more familiar with the main environment.

The second eagle challenge of the Space People’s Coach Team is the key ball that happens in the 8th game. The Colin-McChole after rehabilitation is first let Robson-Kano rushed to the second base, and then Orson Cruz knocked out the wilderness of the earth, and the main judgment ruled that the Cruz was successfully formed to form a good situation in the third base. However, via the spaceman launched video slow motion playback, Cruz rushed to a small pad influencing speed, lagging behind Yeri-Guiriier, causing the rejuvenation to be sent out.

Who said “Three things”? The Space People’s Coach Team launched an eagle challenge in the second half of the 8th game. At that time, Jose – Otti shocked the second base, but after the video slow motion playback, Di Gordhen killing behind The Tu Wei is just between the millifier, just in the host cow silver, it is a peak circuit when it may not be changed. Just explained that the guest Wu Hao thunder is precise to this successful coach team, and the success of the Spaceman’s three-degree challenge is the bottom line of the eagle eye system.

Josh James as the rookie’s first pitcher, the host of Niu Yin, is worried about his endurance in the 5th game. Although James’s pressed line capacity is not optimistic by the outside world, it is still solved with speed ball changes to the Di Gordon and Mickey – Hanger, and even face the landing anti-elastic ball in Joan-Segula knocked directly with gloves. With a wonderful kill, the spaceman did not fade in the 5th game, but the last half of the sixth game was shocked by Tony Xipu.

George – Springer completed the gold gloves level of God’s defense at the 8 th game, at the time, when the Robinson-Kano knocked out the flat, all the way, rush to stretch the arm, and the ball was confiscated. After the shoulder roll, it is an accidental and unwaffd, which can only go to the second base to take the second base. The right shoulder is covered with moss, and it is very regretted when he is not getting up, and it is very regretted directly, and it is directly to vent your regret.

Springs, who have always gaze, the Sino-foreign wild Gordon will catch the ball, and the two people communicate and make this second base.

Springs, who have always gaze, the Sino-foreign wild Gordon will catch the ball, and the two people communicate and make this second base.

The sailor lost to the feet and saved the gift, the package was blocked.

Mike Leak as the first firman than the vegetable bird Joh J J J J J J Jame experience old, but in the second half of the third game, it is an unexpected situation that has lost the ball. At that https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comtime, the 8th stick Brane, McAn, was prepared. However, Like Prouch directly passed through a good ball with the foot of McAn, I saw the left hind leg as the support of the leg. It was soft. McAn immediately faced the painful expression and threw the stick. After confirming, it did not The general problem is guaranteed to the best, and if there is no protective gear on the foot, it may bring greater pain.

How much is the sailor’s defense? This is the first half of the third place. Mike Leak first is to ensure Brian McAn, and then I’m taking Tony Kemp and George – Springer knocked out series of peaceful, originally only a base, but since the field defensive appeared, there was a chaotic flow. 4 points. Of course, the sailor has also contributed to the wonderful preparation, and the lower half of the 20th bureau is killed by Carlos-Coria, I only see Mickey – Hanger’s accurate positioning successfully killed the exterior wall.

However, the most incredible officer of the sailor happens in the second half of the 8th game, Taylor White is just tapping the high-speed ball for space people but dropped. The left outer field of the space man has an irregular area, and the two erect commercial billboards towering. Dener Span and Ma Wen – Gonzale is originally precise positioning, but it is also to end the border at the same time, but I hope that the other party will reach out but they are all on the spot, the result is Taylor White’s high-sleeve turned into a second base, which is undoubtedly a hidden danger for follow-up crazy.

Although the sailor brought troubles from the special terrain at the home of the space, the first-line package is secretly helping the team. Robinson – Kano pace Josh James in the 6th Council, knocked out the solid hit and flew away along the side. Commentary of the guest Wu Hao Leiyuan questioned that Yeri Guriel’s defense is a bit of a little, but after the slow lens playback is the baseball misunderstanding, let the follow-up defensive esure – Guriel can only look at the ball, Robinson-Kano is successfully mounted on the second base.

Alex Bregman has more fire in the main court of space? I saw a row of golden beauty fans hand holding his big avatar propaganda, making a momentum promotion to actively draw a ticket for this MVP candidate. As the Spaceman who is defending the champion begins to sell various tickets in the 2019 season, it can be seen that the club is quite confident in the ball. According to explanation of the guest Wu Hao, the sales situation of the Spaceman’s playoffs is very gratifying, and there will be a scene of hardships in the future.