Space people before the king card Kales, a year, short contract, warrior, hoped to lead the team and then in the playoffs

After a few months of waiting, the former Houston Spaceman, 2015 US League Caiyang Award winner Dallas Keur (Dallas Keuchel finally has work. According to the US media ESPN report, he will join the Atlanta Warriors in the First National League East District, enter a first round value full of fresh fresh meat, lead the Warriors to continue to fight for the playoffs.

By Kagl refused last year, the Houston Spaceman had a qualified offer ($ 17.9 million a year), so when entering the free market, other teams signed him will lose a draft power to compensate space people. team. In recent years, various balls have become more and more attention to the draft operation, and they are giving more and more teams. (Last year’s self-blade is a slightly high 3.78), the age has also reached a certain level (32 years old), so after entering the https://www.b2bshopp.comfree market, despite the Yangji, winemaker, warrior, angel, etc. The team has a “gossip” that came out of different degrees, but it still can’t talk about the end.

Despite the courage of 2015, the overall rather Kemer is still a very high quality first pitcher. Stable eating, playoffs experience, and not bad content, this is what the Atlanta Warriors is now required. Although the young tear Soroka handed over the ghosts and gods, Max Fried also gave a pillar of the wheel value, and the old Gadh Heran was also retrieved. It’s a stable hand, but the wounded last year’s ace Pitk Pitk Pitk Fortynewicz and the importance of KEVIN GAUSMAN in the last year.

Frit Button has risen from the back of the injured soldiers, and the average number of hits each nine games is nearly 3, and the self-sharing rate is also a miserable 5.89; and the fireball male Gao Shmen is even more miserable. Although the number of hit hits is smaller than Vfurt butt, his self-sharing rate is a more miserable 6.15. At this time, Keel’s arrival can be said to be the wheel value of the Warriors urgently needed.

The Kaket’s contract is a short year of $ 13 million in a year, and the amount of salary converted into the whole year is approaching $ 20 million, which is more than the original offer ($ 17.9 million). Tomorrow, he will conduct medical examination. If there is any problem, he will go directly to Atlanta AAA level team to report, and send it in Saturday.

I finally waited for the results of Kagl’s prize, maybe the Warriors fans will be more hopeful that the team is signing the old-cooked people in Craig Kimbrel, but
the recent achievement, After the Terminator of Luke Jackson took over, the opening season seems to have a gradually stable trend.

Instead, the wheel value slowly exposed an instability, and the old big brother did not find the past skills, and the two rounds of the two rounds were too young, and they did not have a complete season (Soro Card last year in the Size League last year. Plus the dishes 56.1, Fried also only 111 bureaus), whether the performance of the fatigue accumulation due to fatigue accumulation during the playoffs.

Therefore, a piece of paper brought to Kagl a year, not just a strong contributor to the wheel value, and also brought the experience of the playoffs, which can become a sexy in the room, such as Soroka, Fry. Mind, Tuang and others, tutors, for the Warriors and Kales, are very excellent.