Single legs on the football field, he flesaded him, shocking countless people

  ”He lost a leg

  It will fly on the court ”

  Recently, Guangzhou, Guangdong

  Video of a “single-legged man to the door” video

  Walking in the network, triggering netizens

  Hey, he

  Flying on the court

  Men in the video

  Name, Yusi, 25 years old this year

  A athlete in the Guangdong Provincial Disabled Persons’ Federation

  He Yiyi likes to play football

  The teenage period has lost left legs due to disease

  But he has never extinguished the enthusiasm of football.

  On October ndtv english news latest 31, He Yiyi and a friend met to play the ball.

  Recalling the scene in the video

  He said that he kicked his position.

  ”At that time, I made a two-time cooperation with my teammates.

  Teammates have a little bigger

  I will fight

  Finally, a foot shot is completed near the bottom line.

  Unfortunately, the ball did not kick it. ”

  Although I haven’t successful shooting

  This is a scene of life vitality

  Motivate countless people

  This scene was also recorded by the audience.

  He Yiyi said:

  ”Ball is what I love.”

  I am very happy to play football with everyone.

  Thank you for your encouragement ”

  I lost the left leg due to illness

  He is a day after a day training back to the game

  9 years old

  He Yiyi was attached to a football club in Shenzhen

  Selection is the ladder best usa news app player, start accepting system training

  After that, he was also selected to travel abroad.

  ”I am very happy at the time.”

  I feel that I should become a football player in the future. ”

  Why is it in the forefront?

  However, fate is a joke with him.

  Before going abroad, his left calf

  Isolated from malignant osteosarcoma

  ”The final doctor recommended amputation

  Otherwise there will be life danger ”

  The surgery made him almost lost the whole left leg.

  With the healing of the wound

  He Yiyi began to carry out rehabilitation training

  Stadium is still attracting him

  Slowly, he tried his cane alone to try a single leg.

  ”It’s hard to master the balance when you start playing.

  Pass, the angle of shooting is not good

  I often kick my cane and fall. ”

  I fell again hind samachar and again, I climbed again and again.

  Just train this day

  He Huiyi slowly mastered the skills

  After using the broken tens of cane

  He can finally kick with normal people.

  ”Because it is necessary to run on the court

  The wear of the cane is particularly large. ”

  Up to now, he has used a crutches

  ”I hope to organize the leader of the disabled athlete

  Can participate in the championship ”

  Failure to become a professional football player

  He Yiyi’s dream is nothing to open.

  In 2012, he was selected by the Guangdong Disabled Federation Track and Field Team.

  Become a disposable track and field athlete

  And many times to win the championship in the farmers

  Not long ago, he participated in Xi’an, Shaanxi.

  Holding a cruel

  In the jump competition, two silver medals have received two silver medals.

  He also blessed on the track and field

  Now He Remaining

  Follow the training of track and field team

  Will go out with the ball friends to kick the ball

  In the end, He Yiyi said

  One of your own little wishes

  ”Organizing a team of limb loss

  There are already seven or eight people now.

  Foreign countries have such a team

  There are also World Cups

  The biggest goal is to win the championship. ”

  Life kisses me

  I reported the song

  Come on, He Yi Yi!