Simoni recollects the old horse: It is difficult to accept him not in the year, don’t kick.

On October 30, it was once a generation of birthdays of Wang Maradona. The death of the deceased, the birthday of the old horse has become a birthday … In fact, many of the people of the old horse are still unable to accept the reality he has left everyone. Recently, Ma Raise Blood Tele Simoni recalls some of his own and khabar ndtv news Maradona in an interview.

Simon Ni said in an interview with Argentina, “he didn’t die, he didn’t die. I mean – we are hard to accept his own people are not there. Don’t say his game, he Personality, these I am still in Seville when I am still a boy (Maradona has worked together with Simonney in Spain Seville) and the national team, he as a Everything is passed to us. ”

Simonny emphasizes the greatness of the old horse. “He is not only an extraordinary the hindu e newspaper pdf today download football player, but also a very noble and deeply loved person, no teammates speak him bad, this is very rare, this is also a significant for his life. major.”

As for the anecdote of the two? Simonny revealed a freshly known story. “There is a game. I am on the scene at the same time. I liked before, then I took a shot at a place where I left the door. There should be more than 30 meters … Then www current news he stared at me, very angry, Question: You state of america cnn How many balls from that position? I said I don’t know, then he said: “What is your TM kick … If you know Diego (Maradona), you know that this is nothing, even though he said It has a fast and vulgar, but for me, it is still very ‘use’. And amazing, in my impression, I have never been shot from the place where I have never been so far. ”

Simoni is further explained. “He very clear and powerful assam breaking news today in hindi and powerful to use his logic, tell me that this kind of 头 头 is not in that position, then you need to shoot, don’t kick.”