Shenzhen Wang’s football: the charm of football education, distinguishing the unique charm of traditional education

Soccer education potential

Football and football training are often associated with educational goals (approach, understanding and learning to control your body, aajtak com live news hindi building friendship, team spirit, integration, independent and social responsibility), which are often used to emphasize the value of sports.

Football is the world’s recognized first movement

For logical reasoning, we need more careful analysis. We need to ask yourself, where is the real potential for specific education through football? This problem is actually what kind of development can be known from the young people through regular and long-term professional educators in this beautiful sport. This position requires us to never lose its views on the nature and attractiveness of this great exercise.

Players like football have different reasons, but the fun of playing football is always the first. Therefore, if we expect to achieve any results through football education, it is unfavorable or manipulating googlenewsmalayalam adolescents to destroy the pure power of this game, then we should modify the educational goal of this sport. In this sense, the true education potential of this wonderful competition is fair competition and performance education. The instructors realize their educational responsibilities and provide support and meaningful feedback to make a huge contribution to the positive development of young people.

Fair competition education (respect)

Football involves contact with others or relative to others, players will come together in the fierce competition. The education of fair competition depends on this emotional momentum, which requires a lot of self-control.

Football competition is fierce

Ensure that these tensions are to provide high education potential. The instructors must recognize these potential reporter live education and have the responsibility to use their education influence. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the rules of football competitions and codes, but also understands the players’ perspective.

Performance education (confident)

The second main purpose of training is to express education. The main purpose of the teaching is not to look at the player’s performance from the perspective of education, nor is it a winning ability, but his confidence. Anyone who learns and achievements will be confident. There are countless learning situations in football community. Confidence is required for all young people, not just as a player.

Very confident C Luo on the court

In football, there is no effort to do anything. Commitments and desires are part of the performance, rather than results, to tv9 live hindi news today complete a beautiful game and feel the feeling of investment.

However, it is not difficult to see the reverse of this, that is, inferiority and many failures. The negative reaction of coaches and teammates strengthened inferiority. Performance education allows players to build confidence. Therefore, the educational task of the coach is very difficult, and it must show a high degree of sensitivity. Only in this way can players can see that due to their efforts and every small achievement obtained, each small achievement will result in successful game kickwork. In this way, the players can be encouraged to constantly improve their performance and establish confidence.

The real impact of football education

The process of football education is always a subtle process. Even if the instructors are committed to their own careers, it is impossible to determine whether his work will achieve the expected results. No matter how good it is, you can’t always achieve intentions and results. Therefore, education clearly has the risk of failure. This situation is more common than ideal, we must face reality: unfortunately, football will also have a negative impact on the players’ personality. The basic training of young players has a risk of breeding a lack of sports culture. Unfortunately, there is currently no solution to produce an automatic positive impact in the teen football.

Football education

Many boys and girls are more and more keen on football. This is even more in their lives than ever, they are very motivated. Children and adolescents registered in the club continue to rise, indicating that this sport is very popular. A single concern for high-level sports competitions and football matches has brought certain dangers, such as noisy behaviors, do not care about opponents, stimulants, manipulate competitions and corruption. Therefore, this requires us to pay full attention. This means that our young people can understand and love this movement, but they should also cultivate a critical eye, but not only to see the exciting scene described by the media.

Football education is a combination of groupuality and personality

Football can also promote the individuality of young people. Education must also solve the current problem of football. Due to the power of this competition, the instructor’s educational opportunity is very good because they have a high position in the club and teen players. Young people regard their instructor as an example, and even talk to them private problems. These conditions are beneficial to effective education.

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