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  On October 29, the second member of Shangqiu City Football Association was held in the Dynasty Hotel meeting room.

  The meeting passed the relevant charter, and the election has produced a new council.


  At 10 o’clock in the morning, in the majestic national song, the second member representative of Shangqiu City Football Association opened the curtain.

  Shangqiu City Education Sports Bureau, Shangqiu Sports Society and other competent leaders, Shangqiu City related football organizations, clubs, referee, coaches, college sports teachers and other representatives participated in the General Assembly.

  Yue Delin, the party branch of Shangqiu City Football Association, first read the Hean Ball Sports Management Center, the congratulatory message sent by Henan Province, and bless the Shangqiu times now headlines football career. Comrade He Zongqi as the first council work report of Shangqiu City Football Association, asking for consideration.

  In the report, the development history and related achievements of the Shangqiu City Football Association were reviewed.

  In August 2015, the Shangqiu City Football Association was officially established. After five years of hard work, the new breakthrough in the modernization of football management system and the mechanism of football management system was promoted.

  The mechanism system is reform as the core, forming a new structure of legal governance, based on institutional construction, comprehensively promoting various institutional construction of football industries, strengthening top-level design and overall planning; focusing on institutional construction, play a special committee, dd bharati channel live experiment flat Efficient management; relying on the construction of the talent team, innovative people choose and train mechanisms, and hiring 3-5 football senior professional talents and management talents, “Let Professionals to do professionalism” becomes new normal.

  Guide to regulate the construction of amateur football clubs, the city’s amateur football club league is gradually formed.

  In the past five years, the Municipal Football Association was entrusted by the Chinese Football Association to set up the four Chinese Football Association “D” coaches training class, and cultivated 96 D-class coaches in our city. The two phases of Henan Football Association “E” class trainer training class The city has cultivated 68 E-class coaches.

  The first phase of the “three” referee training class, cultivated 63 three-level referee, laid a good foundation for the next development of the city’s campus football.

  Subsequently, the meeting followed the process, the vote from the revised “Shangqiu Football Association Charter”, the second council member list passed the list of candidates such as the Secretary-General of the Chairman Vice President.

  He Zongqi was elected as the chairman of the new Football Association, and Li Tie Mountain, deputy director of Shangqiu City Education Bureau, and expressed congratulations.

  He Zongqi, Chairman of Shangqiu City Football Association:

  Today, this representative meeting, basically we are all elections, more energetic, willing to do football, willing to work for football, referee, football club, they are the elite of the football world, and Reflecting the vitality of the Shangqiu Football Association, in the future, our football development will get better and better, and it is also the speed of promoting the development of the Shangqiu City Football Association.

  He Zongqi, Chairman of Shangqiu City Football Association, issued a certificate for the election of the relevant members of the Council.

  The representative of the meeting stated that under the Soccer Reform situation in the new era, we must pay attention to technical training, promote the development and progress of Shangqiu Society and Campus Football!

  Han Xiaodong, Vice-Chairman of Shangqiu City Football Association? Han Xiaodong should develop higher, better direction, the first is from technology, the second is to improve the functions and responsibilities of football movement from the training of the coaches. , The level of the event and training are greatly improved. We make greater contributions to Shangqiu Football.

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