Shanghai Derby broke out large-scale conflict! Shenhua was buzzing by Shanggang 5 goal! The two final red cards were punished

On September 18, it can be said that the various media exposed in the face of the national football team, the news of the Xinhua News Agency, and the news about the national football is not true. The national foot is full of positive energy, and it is very confident to win Vietnam.

The first is that the 8,000 yuan hotel is not there. Xinhua News Agency reporters confirmed that the Chinese Football Association pays the fee to the hotel in Dilam (about RMB 1228) per day, because it is a package hotel, so the price is slightly high, actually This hotel is only about 500 yuan, because the hotel is table runner flipkart unable to operate other guests. news english news And choose the package under the package to ensure an epidemic prevention.

Once again, there is no thing about 20-3 million US dollars to give your opponent. I have not implemented my opponent. I said that this is the opponent in which the national football is choosing to suit myself. At the same time, according to the rhythm of the game, it is the final The news is that the warm-up match has been implemented, and there is one in Syria on the 30th, and the game will use water in the game! Don’t spend so much money at all.

Then, the third negative is that there is no depression after the national football team, but is working hard to actively prepare, because the current Evergrande is also facing the crisis, Chinese football is currently looking at the national football achievements, if you can’t get it aaj ka national news again later Slim 12 strong dd national in race, I am afraid that the latest important news Chinese football crisis will come in advance, so the media such as Xinhua News Agency calls attention to the national football and support national football, can’t arbitrarily guess some untrue.
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