Say to the Chinese team war Japan! With Guo Allen, Wu Qiang is expected to prove yourself!

On November 27, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s basketball team will start on time. This game is a small challenge for Chinese men’s basketball team, especially Wu Qian. Wu is very mediocre in the international stadium in recent seasons. Tomorrow he will work with Liaoning Star Gron Allen, maybe this time is a good opportunity to prove his own opportunity.

On the previous season, there were data close to 19 + 8, and the number of three-pointed three-pointed three-pointed game in many seasons were not less than 2.6, and Wu’s first three-point pitcher in China. And the general domestic pitcher compared to the front of Wu, the three points of the ball, and the three points of the ball, he can even make a high-difficult drift three-point shooting like the NBA star library.

Due to the large confrontation strength, Wu Qian’s state in the international stadium is ulnuck. His body talent is not top, it is difficult to use the speed over the opponent. In recent years, in the international contest, Wu Qiang’s feel is very cold. Wu Yang has a few years in the past few years, in the forefront of
CBA, but his feelings are very ups and downs. Maybe a game will grasp the high score and hit multiple three-pool. It is also possible to have a game that feels like a frozen, and even the vacancy is not allowed.

Wu Qi has suffered a lot. He urgently needs a chance to prove his. This time, Japan is a great opportunity to prove his own opportunity, because his partner is Guo Allen.

Guo Allen can help Wu, the play of these two is completely complementary. Wu must take the ball and fixed-point shooting, Guo Allen is good at holding a ball and breakthrough. A person broke through a person, and the two excellent guards were shot. Thanks to Guo Allen’s holding, Wu Qian should get a lot of shooting opportunities. When the red blue team was combined, the two people had a match, the effect was good. This time I came to Japan to partner again, I would definitely I will go all out.

Moreover, Guo Allen can also provide it to WUNG. The national team has been quite good for the double-guards in recent years. Wu Pan and Guo Allen are the two controlled guards in the domestic offensive fire, basically no third person can compare with these two people. Guo Allen attracts the defensive attention when holding a ball breakthrough, so that Wu’s outline will certainly be good. Conversely, Wu must also create an offensive opportunity for Guo Alan.

In addition to Wu Qi, Guangdong’s call guard Zhao Rui will also go to the national team. Although Zhao Rui said that the ball threats without Guo Allen, he is higher, especially the defensive end. Zhao Rui is a strong relocation defender with strong domestic defensive. He can share the defensive pressure of Wu before, let Wu, focus on projection and attack.

The Chinese team in this competition cannot be underestimated, although Japan is not the whole main force, but the Japanese small fast spirit needs to be vigilant. Japan will pay a lot of energy in Japan, send people to force and fight. When Wu, Wu, must be calm, as far as possible, use the ball-free running to create opportunities, and seize the opportunity to let live, do not waste. Even if there is no good opportunity, Wu must tries to run constantly, and provide the teammates to help the teammates.

This game will be a good opportunity to test the Chinese basketball players, let us look forward to the performance of Wu’s performance. Do you believe in friends, can you think that the Chinese team will win smoothly? Welcome to leave a message in the article.