Say no one letter series: The red ramp is Shuai said that it has not yet been determined whether the Qianlang is first

Arizona Renquary Cruiers Creek Jinsbury is not a secret for Keller Murray, which also makes the red rickets in this year’s draft.

Jinsbury continued to express his admiration for Murray when serving a radio show. He highly praised Murray and emphasized the ability to build offensive groups around Murray.

Although it is easy to think that Murre will become the first week in the new season, Jinsury is obviously not ready to make this determination.

“Let’s wait,” Jinsuri said. “We are still considering all these things. In our array, Brett Hengdi, we are very happy to him, but we will see how the developments are developed.”

Ok, the most important information disclosed in Jinsuri is that no matter how the team feels, the coaches are still very talking.

All signs show the first Murre Club, especially considering that the red scitch quickly traded in the first year of the first round of Shui Shu, Russen.

In addition, General Manager Steve, Steve Kam, was also directly asked to Murray in the first game of Detroit Lion in Detroit Lion.

“Yes,” Kaim emphasized. The host Rich-Essen responded: “You don’t hesitate,” “Yes, no,” Kaim said. “We use the type of yuan to pick him not to let him be a substitute. I know this makes him stress very much, but this is why we pick him.”

At present, Hengdi wants the only way to win in the regular season is Murray injured in the summer. If Hengdi performs excellent defeating Murray in the training, then the management of the rickets needs to have a lot of explanation work.