Say good revenge? Before the star runs Belle by the crow, I missed the focus of the steel person.

In the past two weeks, Baltimore Crow will take away Pittsburgh steel people. The classics of this Meiyi Northern District is despised because of the escort, Wrievian-Bell, but now this is afraid that there is no longer existence. Beijing time Wednesday, this pre-occupational bowl running guards were cut off by the team after 2 months from the crow. However, he is still in the release period, can be taken away by other teams.

At the beginning of the season, there was a series of major injuries, including the top two running guards JK- Doins and Gus Andards. In such an environment, the crow has signed a training contract with Bell, then pulling him into the team’s list, and played 5 games for the team after October.

However, the relationship between Bell and the crow is not completely cut. It is reported that the crow said that Bell returns to their team at some time this season, but now the team’s running guards are getting healthier, and Bell means another one. Run Werata Vavis – Murray is likely to be injured.

Bell expressed his own views on social media, which was full of gratitude and enjoyed the last two months. “It was very hurt, but at least I was still grateful. I enjoy this short time in the short-time light, let me know what is like this city, this is a good team. Thank I General Manager Rick Dictta and the head coach John – Hubble gave me the opportunity, let me be a copy of the crow. “

Although Bell is still famous in NFL, it is clear that he is no longer the top running guard who has saved rain in the steel man. In the 5th game this season, he only had 83 yards in a twice. 3 times were aimed at once. In recent weeks, the main running guards of the crow turned into Drava-Fremiman, the latter’s past two games have reached two digits.

The crow war will remain wonderful, but there are less than Bell, there is still some meaning of some old and hate.