Rookie pitcher Martin accepts ligament transplant surgery space next season first round value
MLB Mirian West District Hearthlon Houston Spaceman has recently been a heavy blow, the team first seizures Colmbin – Martin accepted elbow ligament transplant surgery on Thursday, the general manager of the spaceman Jeff-Ranna is difficult in the media conference Hide.

The ligament transplant surgery means that Martin’s 2019 season has been overhead, even if it can be recruited in 2020, it is at least Los Angeles All-Star Tour. The 23-year-old Martin was rated as a potential of 78 potential, and he was a 37-third 3A-level small alliance competition in 37 and 1/3, and the self-sharing rate was 3.13. The number of people is 1.37.

After a period of time, Martin was pulled up by the spaceman, a total of 5 times, but the results were not ideal, and the self-sharing rate reached 5.59. Although the ball speed is very fast, the ball is not ideal, but also leads to too many players. Martin has averaged 1.81 people in average, even though he is in the 19/3 bureau’s pitching mission.

Houston Space Man still can sit in Martin’s faucet in Martin this season, but if you want to go further in the playoffs, the rookie pitcher Martin’s speed or is an indispensable part of the end of the playoffs. What is more serious is that the sprotic value of the space in the next season has been in a hurry.

First, Pitcher Gary and Wade Meri will become a free player after the season, and the current Corin-McChole will also turn into free body. At present, there is no confirmation of the two first firms to stay in the team, the next year’s first round-round value should be like this:

1 first: Justin Wirant

2nd: Jose – Okti

3rd hair: Lance – McCales

No. 4 first: Brad – Piketo

President 5th: Frians – Special Traditional or Josh James also has Martin, the last paragraph of the season

Only the curball will kill the four-party Lance-McCalus return from ligament transplantation surgery, it is absolutely to make a strong intensive agent to the space people ball, but the actual team’s ace pitcher is the biggest problem, not Willand is not strong enough but he is about 37 years old.

Will the Space will not introduce a first-forward pitcher, we have not known, but the one we determined is Martin that will not be able to play in early 2020.