Red stockings are not good enough to turn 1 minute and then negative at home into the quagmire.

On April 3, Beijing time, the Great League of the United States continued to fight, Boston socks continued to challenge the Auckland sportsman in the away. The first game of red socks in this game will return to the king of Kris Saier, and the new season will be unfavorable. Only 1 win and 4 negative records, so this game is willing. However, this scene of red socks have fallen into downturn, and the game has failed to score, and the final sportswell home will win red socks.

[Data Highlight]

A low score, the sports home first sent a pitcher Füss 6.0 bureau no points; Chapman slammed out the two teams of the two teams. Terminator Turnan harvested rescue points.

[Competition process]

In the unveiled battle, Saier was slammed by three home runs, and after four days, they were resting again. However, this game is redddle to open, the first half, the first bureau, Saier has resolved the first player Ximei, when they were opposed to the top of Chapman, the top of the top of the left Baseball, red stockings 0: 1 behind the sportsman. The most important reason for the poor red socks in the beginning of this season is that there are too many packets.

In the middle of the second game, the sportsist first sent a pitcher Füls although the JD-Martinez took the lead in tapping, but then sent two three vibrations and solved the semi-bureau. Saier gradually controls the situation, in the second, third, four games, only one-time beat, sent 1 time, did not continue to lose, the red socks are only 1 point, the two sides entered the fifth game.

Although I caught a few bureaus in the preparation, Bogotz has a major mistake in the running.

Although I caught a few bureaus in the preparation, Bogotz has a major mistake in the running.

The fifth game, the two first firms continue to fight, Füss continues to show a good state, another three-three, complete the half-course task. Saier has sustained stabilization from the loss of 1 point, in addition to being knocked out of the Pygrain, all manufacturers rolling the earth.

In the seventh place, the sportsist took the lead in changing the pitcher, Len Bclt debuted, Fürs lost 6.0 bureau was played 5 security, sent 3 times, Zhen Zhen did not guarantee, keep zero points, high quality first Candidate. Book first was a strong three-in-one beats, but was knocked out of the second base of Wawzqus, and the Ballast was successful, but Jieky-Bradley also received three vibrations, and the red socks still failed to score.

In the second half of the seventh place, Saier also took a break, this game was over 6.0 games were only hit three, but they were lost 1 point by bombing 1, and only one three vibration, sent 2 guaranteed delivery, It seems that there is still no recovery. Walkerman relayed to solve the three people.

The first half of the ninth game, Terminator Tream came to close, the first stick of JD-Martinez was victims; Bobagz hit the middle and foreign wild high-flying ball, but the luck did not fill out of the wall, running He was once again knocked down again by the La Razzano laser arm, at the three bases; Molan was guaranteed, and Holt was finally lost by Zhenzhen, and the red socks sailed.

[Two sides starting]

Boston Red Sox:

1. Muqi-Bates right outside

2. Andrew – Benin Titi left outer wilder

3. Lafa-Decos three bases

4.JD-Martinez designated hit

5. Zan Del – Bocatz guerracom

6. Mickey – Morade

7. Brock – Holt 2rd

8. Christian – Wattquez catcher

9. Small Jiegi – Bradley Zhongwai Wild Hand

Auckland Sports Family:

Marcus-Simiian guerrilla

2. Matt – Chapman three base

3. Stephen – Piscoti right outside

4. Chris Davis designated blow

5. KFRs – Mora Lisse

6. Mark – Kana left field

7. Jerixon – Plurler 2rd base

8. Lemount – La Razzano Chinese and foreign wilder

9. Josh-Figer Catcher

[Next prospect]

The two sides came to the third game of the series, and the socks sent out NNASTON – Jovaldi first, when the first game was played this season, his 5 games were thrown out of the 3 projector and lost 6 points, and the second game first sent him first. It is expected to lead the red stocking to recover the state, and the career has gains a record of 1 win and 1 loss of 3.24. Sports home first pitcher is Mako-Estradad, he publicly said that he expected a time to invest, but he never reached this goal in the 191 national alliance competition, which was issued first. One is the rays in 2015, and he was still played in the blue bird, and the game was cast 8.2.