Red socks are unable to defend the position

On August 28th, Beijing time, the Colorado Squad is located at home, ushered in the challenge of Boston Red Socks, and opens the first game of this series. Due to the bad record, the Rociji team has basically no seasons in the 2019 season, and the reddock team is still struggling to struggle a quota of an outer card.

[Data Highlight]

Red Sox of the first hair pitcher Polylo Board 5, sent 5 three vibrations, lost 2 points, and won the individual in this season. (Little) Jackie-Bradley, Vasquens and Zhanhe Bocatz, all the homes.

In the first time, the first time, the first time I boarded the big league’s Rocky team first pitched Rick Garcia, picked 5 bureaus, and was hit by the 3rd project, lost 6 points, swallow the big league’s first show Bitter fruit. Silad and Arrena have doubled two-point gun.

[Competition process]

In the first half of the game, Rafael Dec was hit through the sacrifice of the four bad guarantees and teammates. After the heavy cannon JD-Martinens, I knocked out a base of the right field, and sent back to Dres, helping the https://www.mlbdrakterno.comRed Sox 1-0 lead. Mickey – Morade once again selected four bad guarantees to form a situation in some people. But unfortunately, Brock-Holt’s high-flying ball, ending this semi-bureau. In the second half of the game, although the first rod of the Luoji team Chari Blackmond chopped a second base to beat, unfortunately, Trevo Stori, Nalan – Arena and Daniel – Murphy Can help the team get the score.

In the middle of the second game, Xiao Bradley stoveded a spring gun in the direction of China and foreign countries, helping the Red Socks extending leading advantages to 2-0.

In the upper half of the four games, Holt knocked out a one-raceful placement of the right foreign country, the first-year-old catcher Vasquez slammed a two-point gun in the direction of the left field, helping the red socks to expand the leading advantage. After the fourth bureau, after the two, McMa Hong knocked out a second base, directly to the point. However, a high-speed ball in Daysmond has been directly killed, ending the Semija’s offensive

In the middle of the five games, Bocgugz caught a pocket of Garcia, a river spring gun in the direction of China and Foreign Aira, helping the Red Sox 5-0 lead. Morade knocked out a second base for the right foreign field, and stationed directly on the spot. Holt knocked out the second base of a venue rule, sent back Morade, and won the sixth point of this game. The second half of the five bureaus, Walters and Darzza, and the formed series, captured one, three bases. Blackmond chopped a first base in the right field, helping Luoji team first of the game, and promoted the second base. The three bases of the first boyepete tapped out a second base, and the two or three bases still had people. But Murphy debut did not contribute more to the team.

In the second half of the six games, the four bad guarantees from Sirad, and Walters’ s playing, forming a three-run situation. Unfortunately, Hanpssen is out of the game, and it is impossible to lay the score for the Rocky team.

In the seven games, the four-bad guaranteed and Bugatz’s four-bad guaranteed and Bugatz’s second base is played, and the red stockings captured the second or three bases. The red socks
still retain one third base, Morand’s wild roll earth causes the gaze, the red socks, one point, two or three bases still have someone, then, Holt knocked out a 2 point Type of place. It is good to turn into the reunion of the trunks, Brian – Xiao Lian took three out of the bureau, ending this half.

In the second half of the eighth game, Destmond broke a two-point gun in the direction of the right field.

In the upper half of the nine bureau, Morade was in the first base of the crowd, and Holt was selected after four bad guarantees, and one and two rivals were. However, Vasque is knocked out a wild rolling earth, forming a double kill, ending this half. In the second half of the nine bureaus, Stori knocked out the first base of the left foreign field, Arena, a two-point gun in the left field, and the score was fixed at 10-6 .

In the end, Boston’s red sock team took advantage of the outstanding play of the line, and won the first victory of this series, and the competition in the US league area, still retains a hopes.

[Next prospect]

Tomorrow will usher in the second battle of the two teams, red socks, will send an excellent Edward-Rodrigue, which is full of performances in the hands of this year, Rodriggz played 27 games, 15 wins 5 Negative, the self-sharing rate is 3.92. In terms of Rocky, it was debuted by Peter Lambert, and Lambert was 2 wins and 4 losses in this season. The self-popification rate was 6.40.

[Two Party First]

Boston Red Sox:

First stick right wilder Muqi-Bates

Second Bar Tablet Raphael Dels

Third stick guerrillas praise – Bogotz

Fourth stick left outer wilder JD-Martinez

Fifth stick, Base, https://www.b2bshopp.comMiqi-Moran

Sixth stick Baro Broker – Holt

Seventh Catcher Cristian – Vasks

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wild hands (small) Jieky-Bradley

The ninth stick first firing Lick Posolo


First stick right outside field Charley Blackmont

Second Bar Guer Trevo Stori

Third stick, Lord, Noland – Arena

Fourth stick, a barrier, Daniel, Murphy

The fifth stick Barn Ryan-McMarton

Sixth rod left outer wilder Ian – Day Smond

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Sam-Sirad

Eighth Bar Catcher Tony – Walters

Ninth Bat First Punner Rick – Garcia