Pick me! Pick me! Pro Bowl Voting Begins!

I’m coming! Pro Bowl voting here!

The annual Pro Bowl voting has started! If the new fans do not understand what the Pro Bowl is a word that can be interpreted understand it! Is the NFL’s All-Star Game! Pro Bowl usually carried out in the week before the Super Bowl, this season’s Pro Bowl will be February 6 2022, in Las Vegas stadium. Yes, that’s Raiders home. Similar alliances with other all-star game, the Pro Bowl will be in the form of fan voting to determine the starting lineup. The Pro Bowl voting this season has quietly launched it!

Because IP site in the United States, so there may be some slow loading website. However, please be patient Oh! In order to make the pick into a group of brothers played in the Pro Bowl, wait is worth it!

After the click-through link, and you should be as small series, enter into such an interface.

If you have already registered NFL’s official website account, and that a direct vote can be friends. If you have not registered, then you need to register a nfl.com account, in order to carry out the Pro Bowl voting. Click on the blue screen above the “create an NFL account”, you can sign up for an account it!

Complete the registration you need to fill out some personal information, with the upper right corner marked * are required option Oh, no * logo is optional, do not fill no problem.

This completed, remember to check that a bottom, means that you “have read and agreed to the NFL’s policy and terms” (I know you did not read, but you agreed to) and then click on the “Create Account” to complete the registration it!

After registration is complete, we came to the Pro Bowl voting session it! Voting will be grouped in a different position players pitch. So at the top, you’ll see three options, “Offense”, “Defense”, and “Special Teams”, respectively, on behalf of the group attack, defense groups, as well as special teams.

As shown, the group will be divided into the following attack position (from left to right): quarterback, running back, receivers, full health, Everett, tackles, care front and center. Each location can vote for up to six players. Of course, if you just want to pick a player somewhere, or simply do not vote, it is also possible.

Defense group will be divided into the following several positions (from left to right): defensive end, defensive tackle, guard inside, outside Wei, Wei angle, Qiang Wei, Wei and travel. We usually refer to the security guard was divided into two Wei Qiang Wei and travel position to vote, but we usually refer to the red hand of the transfer will be different because the team’s defensive formation, appeared at defensive end and outside linebacker s position.

SWAT team will be divided into the following position to vote (from left to right): kickers, long open players, punt hand, back hand attack, as well as other special teams players.

Then we want to how to vote? Click on the players you want to pick a mug shot can be friends! We take Rams quarterback Matthew – Stafford, for example, the left side is you do not have time to pick his way; but if you click on his mug shot, his head would lap green border appears, select become selected, a green tick appears next, even more sweet smile too!

Eyes of the fans must have noticed, there has been a line of small print on the suspension of voting interface. The leftmost “Votes Remaining” represents the opportunity to vote several times you have remaining in this position, “Overall Votes” means that you have voted for a total of several players. If you cast this good position, right click on the “Next Position” to jump to the next position to vote. If you vote for each position are finished, click the Review Selections on the far right.

Click End Review Selections, the screen will jump to this interface. You can see the total for each position you voted for several players. If you are not satisfied and want to change your vote, click on the “Edit Selections” you can change your vote. If you’re sure this is your final pick, click Submit below the blue Submit, you can submit it to vote!

Come and pick your favorite brother, let them into the group to participate in the Pro Bowl now!