Packaging work is not enemy red skin dispute foul reproduction 2 weeks 21 malicious collision history

Washington Red Leather 4-point Wei Yax-Smith (Alex Smith) came out of Duo, and the Adrian Peterson contributed twice, and the two led the red skin 31- 17 defended Green Bay packaging.

The decadent state of the red skin to the small horse in the week: Peterson has advanced 120 yards, and Smith has completed 12 times, and a total of 220 yards.

Some decisions in packaging work and the head coach Mike McCarthy have also can’t take off, he looked at the time when he was almost ended in the first half, but he did not want to use his own suspension to the league’s highest salary. Strive for more time. At the end of the game, McCarthy choosed to discard kicked in a 4 & 5, which did not show his opponent to the white flag.

The effect of knee injury on the packaged workers is not small, but he still completed 27 passes, advanced 265 yards, achieved 2 reaches, not being copied.

In addition, Clay Matthews has been made a malicious collision, and the official explanation said: “Defensive players put their own or most of the body heavy pressure in pass. On, this is a malicious collision of foul. “

Matthew said: “This is a rugby skill. Unfortunately, the alliance is developing in the direction of people don’t like …”

There were 21 malicious collisions in the first two weeks before the 2018 season, and it was the most in history.