On September 21, Beijing time, Houston spaceman met at Los Angeles angel at home. As the first Baicheng team, the space man has begun to warm up in the playoffs, waiting for the opponent to challenge, and their only goal in the Sakaiki is to compete with the United States. This game, the spaceman won 5 points in the first game, and one degree is leading 6-1. But the angel also recovered 3 points in the fourth game. But after the two teams did not score again, and finally, the spaceman 6-4 defeated angel.Spaceman https://www.maillotsenligne.com 6-4 defeat angel[Data Highlight]Aspects of space people, Coreya single field double-rang 2 security 3 points to get 2 points, Diaz 4 players 3 安 安 回 1 1 point, Otti and Bregman have a spring gun. In terms of angel, Smith 3 is played 2 points, Simons 2 points.[Competition process]In the second half of the first game, the first stick Otti is engraved, this is the 30th of his season, helping space people to achieve a good start, 0-1. After the Brandere drove, Braggman also opened the firepower, and the 38th volume of the season was changed to 0-2. Alvarezan hits, Coreya, the third home base of the Book, two-point cannon resemble the score to 0-4. However, the score has not stopped, and Diaz’s two barriers areas and capture, and the Lendick is playing, and the first bureau of the space will attack 5 points, and https://www.mlbtrikot4.comthe 9 players are all on the field.In the third bureau, the angel also began to score, in the face of Glanji, Smith’s first stick hit the Yangchun cannon, the 5th branch of the season, the team recovered 1 point, 1-5.In the second half of the third bureau, Corea completed a single sound, and the 21st population of the season took the space to score again, 1-6.In the fourth place, the Grande was chaotic. Prince, Carlorn, Soun, Sometimes Scorpion to the third base, Smith’s right outside the country, the angel is 1 point, 4-6, there is no player out of the game. The Sens double kills, and the Hermoso waves fall in the sky, and the Grandfound is thrilling the crisis without having to lose more scores.In the upper half of the sixth game, Grande completed today’s pitching, this 5.0 bureau was killed and lost 4 points, https://www.mlbdrakterno.com sent 4 times, Zhen Zhen did not guarantee, although he did not get high quality first, but held the thrown Candidate.The next few teams did not continue to score and did not get a https://www.trikotskaufenn.com good score.The first half of the ninth bureau, the Terminator of the Taxation of the Terminator on the ground. Simmons first batter knocking out the three-stroke soft rolling earth, was transmitted to a horn assassination; Walsh was in a ruthenium; the third play-in-one Smith is hitting the right foreign country Flying, and the angel is flattened. Going on the game. The last was finally three vibrations, and the spaceman won the game and won the 101st win.[Two sides starting]Los Angeles Angel Team:David – Fletcher2. Brian Guden Chinese and foreign wilder3. Albert-Prince4. Cole Carlorn5. Andreton – Simmons https://www.b2bshopp.com guerrilla6. Jales Volsh7. Base Wan – Smith Catcher8. Matt Sesste9. Michael Hermoso left outer wilderHaimi – Baurea PitcherHouston Space Team:1. Jose – Otti two basehttps://www.mlbtrojerse.com 2. Michael – Blantene Left Outer Wilder3. Alex Bregman4. Jorsan – Alvarez designated hits5. Carlos – Corea guerrilla6. Alede Mis – Dias7. Josh-Redkend right wilder8. Robinson – Chrinos catcher9. Jack – Marsh in MarisikZach-Granz Pitcher[Next prospect]The next game Angel sent Patrick-Sandova, which 0 wins 3 losses this season 4.91 self-blame rate, which will be the eighth year-old first, but have not yet obtained 1 win. In the last game of the rays, I only lost 1 point, and the performance of the entire September increased in August, the hit rate was lowered from .264 to. 211, WHIP dropped from 1.48 to 1.13. The space man is Wade Milla debut, 14 wins and 5 losses 3.71 self-blame, after experiencing two “nuclear explosions” competition, Milly finally finally returned to normal, facing the Royal 6 List 2 Take the victory, Milly’s stability is very important for the Spaceman’s playoffs.