On June 28, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 10 games. The results are as follows: Metropolis 3-6 Philadelres, Warriors 7-9 Bear, Cavalry 3-1 Tiger, Pirate 10-0 Space Man, Ray 5-2 Shuangcheng (War 18), Sailor 2-4 winemaker, National 8-5 Malinfish, Dodge 12-8 Rocky, Snake 5-1 Giants, 3-8 Angel of Sports HomeNew York Most 3-6 Philadelphia PhiladelresToday, both sides have excellent performance, the first five games of the two teams, the second half of the six games, the second half of the six games, the Philadelphians Harper hit the Yangchun cannon in the middle and foreign fields, and the leading points of the game, 0-1 leading. In the top half of the nine bureau, the Metropolis Tod-Fraser knocked out a two-point gun, led the team to reverse score, 2-1; Amed Rosario passed the sacrifice, Dominik – Smith runs back home base, will rewrite the score to 3-1; the second half of the nine bureaus It is also a three-component gun, and it will give a good reference to the home. In the end, the two sides are scored at 3-6.Metropolitan will first make a pitcher Huiller’s 6.0 bureau only lost one point, sent seven three vibrations, no victory. The Philadelphie sent Norra, and the 7.0 bureau sent ten three vibrations, no loss, but it also got lost. Han Mo closed the door to the first victory of the big league career.Atlanta Warriors 7-9 Chicago BearAt the beginning of the game, the Kyle Schawbo, the Kyle Schawa, a Yangchun, the next city, 0-1 lead; the second game, Warrior Ozi Albyz, one hit, beat it, double, two sides 1 -1 level; the upper half of the three games, the Warriors Walks continue hot, Dansby Swansen 2,0ys returned to reverse points, 2-1; Freddy-Fremman two-point gun continued to expand score, 4 -1; Four bureaus Base-up, the team, zoom in, 6-3; then, the Warrior Pitcher sent a mistake “big ceremony”, and the explosion of the Bear’s Jason-Hayward, the rewrite score is 6-4.In the five games, the bear wart is hot, and the Anthony-Razi second base is a reduced score to 6-5, and Jason Hard, a far-reaching three-legged three bases, and the two sides 6-6 Drawing; Victor-Kalatini knocked out two points, helping the bear to reverse the score, 6-8; Sixth Bureau -8; Sixth Bureau, Warriors are once again sent a mistake, and the bear grasped the opportunity to next, 7-9; Nine Bureau The first rescue next https://www.maillotspascherfr.com time, and finally, the Warriors 7-9 will not be enemy bear.Warriors first sent Wilson’s appearance 4.1 Lost six points, and sent six three vibrations. Xiao Xiong Thatwood first sent a 5.0 game lost six points to send five times three vibrations and won the victory.Texas Tiger 3-1 Detroit TigerJoy Gallo stick is hot, on the second game, the four games completed the single-standing double-resistant knockout, helping the swordsman 2-0 lead the tiger; seven games, autumn, autumn, sacrificed high flying back Teammates, expanded to 3-0; eight games, tiger Miguel – Kabrera’s sacrificial high flying tigers to win the next point, 3-1. In the end, the tour will maintain the leading advantage to the end of the game.The rider sent a rookie pitcher Hurado main voted seven games and sent four three vibrations. Successfully won https://www.fanartikelsportde.com the 5th game; Tiger Turin Purchased 2.0 Location and lost a bitter. Ranger Joey – Garlo single field double cannon, this season’s 19th bomb.Pittsburgh Pirate 10-0 Houston Space ManThe pirates have continued to continue the feeling of hot feelings yesterday. On the one game, Kevin Newman Yangchun will take the lead, 1-0; then, Corin-Morgan’s second base is playing again, Cordi Dickson knocks out two Sub-gun, rewriting score 4-0; then, Josh Bell, Stalin Belt and Jacob – Stalins have been bombarded, divided into eight points; the six games end, pirate 8-0 lead Space man; hand holding eight advantages, pirate offensions are not weakened, eight games The rewrite is 10-0; which ultimately, the pirate did not give the space chance, leading the end of the game.The pirate first pitched Musoglov came out of the six games, and https://www.b2bshopp.com sent five three vibrations and won the victory. Spaceman Pikick appeared in the 3.0 game, lost six points, was hit three home runs, and swallowed. The pirate cattlestatins on the spot, three metrics, two points.Tampa Bay 5-2 Minnesota Shuangcheng (18 bureaus)The second half of the first game, Double City Mickey – Gavilla sacrifice the earth to send back to the teammate Polish, first one point; Louis Ares Ares Alarm is playing again, the first game, 0-2 double city leading; In the middle of the second game, the light Michael Brosso is home to the teammates, and the division is reduced to a point; then, Gililmo-Eredia is playing down; the second game ends, both sides 2 -2. Then the two sides launched the defensive war, the nine bureau battles, the two sides are still 2-2 flat; the extension bureau does not stop to make https://www.mlbdrakterno.com troubles to the opponent, but the excellent defensive resolution crisis.The competition is in the middle of the 18th game, and the rays seem to find the spoon of winning, Yang Di Diaz sacrifice high flying ball to win the reversal, 3-2; Willie – Adams and Cui Zhiwan continue to be paid Expand to three points; in the end, the two sides passed through the 18th games, and the light 5-2 defeated the victory of the game.The rays first pitched Stavers play 2.0 bureau lost two points, and the Yabros 3.0 bureau sent five three-vibration to win the victory. Double City Perez main investment 7.0 lost two points, sent six three vibrations without victory.Seattle Sailor 2-4 MilwaukeeThe first three games are strikingly suppressed, the first three games, the two sides 0-0 draw; four bureaus Subsequently, Orlando-Assia directly https://www.mlbtrikot4.com fired toward the right field, three-year gun pulling a big difference, an end, 0-4 winemaker leading. On the six games, the sailor Dan-Walbuck and Tim-Beckham were tapped out of the second base, and the sailor was two points. But the final sailor is still a 2-4 can’t make a winemaker.The sailor first fought Mike Leak, 6.0 losses, swallowed and swallowed. The winemaker sent Anderson first, 5.1 Location Location points a self-blamed six three vibrations, and won the fourth victory of the individual this season.Washington National 8-5 Miami MarinIn the second half of the three bureaus, Malinmark Miguel Rohas second base is played back to two points, helping the team to get a leader, Harold Ramirez sacrifice the ball again, the third game ends , National 0-3 behind the murry; four games, Juan Qi Zuo Zuozhong direction https://www.mlbboutique2.com Yangchun cannon reduces the difference, 1-3; Five Council A re-expanded ratio to 1-4; then, the national line launched the offensive, Matt-Adams three-seipher, Victor-Robrez two-unit gun reverse score, 6-4, Suzuki-Qingyang spring cannon will be divided into points Expanded to three points; the national 7-4 Marin fish entered the Decisive War Bureau, the top half of the nine bureau, ADAM Eaton was played back to Denna, and the score was rewritten as 8-4; the ninth bureau, the second half Lin fish Zal Puerto hits the sacrifice to send back; finally, the national 8-5 macarth fish, reverse the win.The national first pitcher Strasberg main investment 7.0 lost four points, sent four three vibrations, walked helping to win the victory; Marin fish first pitcher AlCaltara 6.0 game lost 6.0 Three homes are struggling to attack.https://www.maillotsenligne.comLos Angeles Daoqi 12-8 ColoradoIn the second bureau, Dodiki-Bellinje and Marcos Mangxi knocked on two Yangchun guns, winning 2-0 lead; second half, Rocky Gallet-Hampton The third base of the base is played back, the two sides 2-2 draw; the second half of the three bureaus Pichia contributed a second base to play continued to expand score, 2-4; the first half of the five games Nate the reversal of the rushing Yangchun; 5-4 Dodge again leads.In the sixth game, Dodge chicken-Peterson’s one-point homer is a point of view, 6-4; Sixth Bureau, the second half of the sixth game 6; Subsequent David Dar sacrifice high flying knocked reverse transition, 6-7 Rocky leads. In the seven games, Marcos Mangxi single field double-cannon, a two-point gun once again changed the game, 8-7; the second half of the seven games, Lylge Lien McMaho https://www.trikotskaufenn.com knocked out the Chinese and foreign farming Yangchun can also chase again Flat ratios; between 8-8 draw.The Dodge of entering the Deconomy Bureau did not give any chance to opponent. Chris Taylor knocked out the hometown with a point, reversed score, 9-8, then Enrique – Ernandez a three-unit gun will lead Expand to quartep, Dodge 12-8 lead Rocky. In the second half of the nine bureaus, they sent a king Jensen successfully to win the last victory.Dodge first pitcher Walker-Bille 5.2 Local loss seven points of self-blame no relationship, rescue Bayz won the winning investment; Rocky’s Lambert sent 4.2 Location lost five points, knocked Four home hits. Dodge’s Marcos Mangsi’s competition 4 played 3 play, single double-cell gun contributed three points.Arizona Snake 5-1 San Francisco Giant ManThe first three games in the game, the two sides have never been deadlocked. Until the fourth game, the tail snake Christian – Walker hits the sacrifice of the earth to win the game, the snake is 1-0 lead; the second half, the giant Brandon – Belt China and foreign countries Yangchun cannon chase points, Both parties 1-1. On the fifth game, the tail snake Nick Amad fires, a Yangchun cannon will help the team to lead the team, 2-1; the second half of the seven games, Carson-Kelly two-part gun expanded the match, 4-1, nine bureaus In the first half, Edward – Escoba is playing again, and finally, the tail snake defeats the giant with the battle of 5-1.The snake first sent a pitcher Alex – Yang Benfam game is a big league, the main group is 5.0 bureaus, and the loss of 5,000 vibrations will be sent out of five vibrations. Giants Taylor – Bide first sent a 5.1 bureau lost two points, three guarantees, and swallow the fruit.Auckland Sports Home 3-8 Los Angeles AngelIn the middle of the second game, the sports home Raun – Lauren was calm, knocked out the left foreign field Yangchun cannon, sportsman 1-0 lead angel; second half, Angel Cole-Carhorn knocked out two points, Reversing the competition, 1-2 angel leading; three games, angel line to start the attack, Da Guxiang flat out the tenth bomb this season, the difference is expanded to 1-4, then Albert-Puez and Louis Hifa has hit a hit, even three points; the third bureau ends, the sportswater 1-7 behind the angel; the first half of the four games, the sportsman Matt – Olsen slamming the Yangchun cannon, narrow a division , 2-7; Sixth Bureau Score 3-8. In the end, the angel will lead the lead to the end of the game.Sports home first pitcher Anderson played 2.2 Location and seven points of self-blaming, China Taiwan pitcher Wang Weizhong Deng Duo 2.1 bureau has no loss to send three three vibrations; Angels send Caming first 6.0 bureau lost two points to send six Sulthen, winning the third victory of this season.